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9th Quarter Summary – Still at it!

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Bravo you brave soul for sticking it out! For those who’ve been around since the journey began 9 quarters ago, many thanks! For those who just joined, welcome!

July brought a wee shake-up in the approach to the blog as ‘Every day adventures in Asia (mostly)’ morphed into the simpler Everyday Asia with four core themes – Home, Away, Work and Play. Fear not – this blog remains grounded in the everyday mundane activities of a transplanted Canuck living in Mumbai and traveling (mostly) around Asia.

2015 family reunion

2015 family reunion

In life, this quarter brought:

  • A jaunt to Canada for my parents 50th wedding anniversary with stops in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
  • Part of the same trip was a few fabulous days in the UK – including the opportunity to meet live and in person with two fav bloggers – Distant Drumlin and An Englishwoman in Mumbai!
  • Plus a terrific trip to Singapore with some whisky explorations thrown in for good measure!
  • More local angst with the absurdity of ongoing structural repairs in our flat (Demolition gang!) back in Mumbai. Thankfully we have a small reprieve!
Our beloved bookshelf...

What greeted our return…

Home sweet home

Finally back to normal!!

For Everyday Asia, the quarter’s top posts were:

  1. Passport power… cross-border crossing from different countries – PS – If ever one doubts this can be challenging, let me share our arrival in Vancouver was greeted by a frustrating three hour wait together with desperate souls being deported
  2. The frustration of “We don’t want your money!” Indian mutual fund cos deny Canadians because of the Americans struck a chord with a few folks.. and no I still can’t make any new investments in India… sigh…
  3. When love goes global, do governments agree? Clearly folks connect with cross-border love!
  4. Interestingly, the posts introducing the category “shake up” lead to a crazy three-way tie between:
  5. And closed with my ‘nod’ to the creator of the Winnipeg Folk Festival with Mitch Podolak – Creating a community
2013 Winnipeg Folk Festival - 40 Years of People

2013 Winnipeg Folk Festival – 40 Years of People

Special mention to the Sisterhood of the World blog award – gotta love opportunities to highlight other super fabulous female bloggers!

As for what’s ahead this quarter?

I honestly don’t know! With our big travel plans behind us, time to give serious focus to drumming up business.

And this blog?

Perhaps as I won’t be traveling in the next few months, it is time to dig up older photos and finally finish a whack of draft posts about past travel adventures… or anything else that tickle my fancy!

Just tune in, keep commenting and enjoy!

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  1. Indeed good going! I need to catch up on your posts but this is wonderful summary and I wish you more lovely days.

  2. Aw, you met up with Karolyn! She bought me a cake in September, I love her 🙂

    • She is super fabulous!! And she bought us both a lovely lunch – Mexican suggested by our Punjabi host. She even managed to meet my mythical ‘partner’ who was amusingly rather distracted by thoughts of his next meeting. 😉

  3. So the apartment is ready again or are some more repairs on their way?

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