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8th Quarter Summary – Who said turning two is terrible??

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I can’t believe that Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly) is now two years old!!

What an amazing journey so far! With folks from nearly 150 countries tuning in, over 33,000 views and 2,200 comments, 220+ posts, 867 followers and counting… I’m still amazed the semi-regular ramblings of a Canadian woman about her every day life in Asia is of interest.

Keep Calm 2

In life, the 8th quarter brought:

  • A bit of Indian domestic travel to Goa and Delhi
  • Lots of ‘behind the scenes’ developments and sundry distractions – the most maddening being ongoing structural repairs in our flat (Demolition gang!)
  • A bit of time to share ‘catch-up’ travel tales from my July 2014 trip to Japan and Nov 2014 to Amsterdam – can you tell I am hankering to hit the skies again?
From Bolobhi.com

From Bolobhi.com

For Every Day Adventures in Asia, the quarter’s top posts were:

  1. Silencing “India’s Daughter” on the controversial BBC documentary about the tragic rape of Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh) in which one of the rapists and their lawyers were interviewed
  2. Next up was ABCD vs CBAD – “You don’t belong here!” about my attempt to join an Indian blogging forum
  3. A quick spin through Mumbai’s wedding season with Mumbai Marriage Marathons… seemed to get more attention for the title ‘marathons’ than the topic ‘marriages’ as was merrily re-blogged to oodles of marathon blogs?!
  4. Our advance announcement of our upcoming June – July 2015 trip London Calling… Watch out Winnipeg!! grabbed attention
  5. And the quarter top posts closed with my deluded comfort at being Maidless in Mumbai (sigh… that was before the construction mess made our lives miserable!)
Partner + I at one of the many Mumbai marriages, Dec 2014

Partner + I at one of the many Mumbai marriages, Dec 2014

However as this is also a 2nd birthday, time to celebrate the top ‘hits’ since inception too!

  1. Balvenie Triple Cask, Wasmund’s, The Speyside – no surprise that my Whisky Lady avatar needed her own blog?!?
  2. Our Christmas Eve Love Story gets oodles of views – guess folks are curious about this ‘partner’ I keep talking about! 😉
  3. ‘Eve Teasing’ – The other side of my love affair with India  chronically my years in India and observations on sexual harassment in my adopted home
  4. I’m amused that “Can you drop the Indian accent?” – Accents and voice overs keeps getting hits!
  5. Interestingly, a December 2014 event Sanctuary Asia Awards – Inspiring and humbling affair… remains popular, just eclipsing my partner’s Merry Christmas Mercedes?! 
Not just single malt, specialty tequila too!

Whisky search in Kuala Lumpur

My spin-off blog Whisky Lady entered social media territory with her own FaceBook page (Whisky Lady in India) and Twitter handle (@WhiskyLadyIN).

And in a lovely twist of fate she’s also invading Man’s World magazine with a regular whisky feature – 1st up is an interview with Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation and Whisky Stock at The Glenmorangie Company!

As for what’s ahead this quarter?

  • I’m still hoping to make a jaunt to Singapore (maybe also Jakarta) to drum up business for my new company… armed with a couple partnerships that will hopefully be welcome
  • Lots of attention on building the domestic / Indian arm too with various new collaborations
  • Depending on timings, may also join my partner for a short bit in Europe while he’s shooting a film there…
  • And most of all – we can’t wait for our upcoming Canada / UK trip!!

Merci beaucoup for joining the journey and look forward to many more interesting interactions to come!

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  1. Oh, didn’t know whisky lady got own fb and twitter! Followed it immediately 🙂

    Oh..of course congratulations for the blogversary

    • Haha! I’m not terribly adept at this whole social media thingamy jigamy! Which is all the more reason why I appreciate the support following Whisky Lady’s FB & twitter. 🙂

      • Though I am a novice when it comes to whisky I do appreciate reading about it. After such articles I always imagine my future to be whisky shelves in the future house…

        • Haha! That’s still me for books – even after our little living room has a wall of bookshelves! This isn’t the library den of my ‘dream home’ that also includes a piano… something to aspire to still! 🙂

          • Oh I also want a library room but well, first we need a new house :p

            • You and me both! And right now I could manage with having any kind of functioning apartment. We’ve been ‘home hostages’ while the building repair work is going on… one month living out of a suitcase however hopefully will get back into our bedroom in another few days. Then our living room and kitchen will be demolished! Ugh… at least another month or so of head pounding noise, headache inducing chemicals and general irritability having people in your home ALL the time!

            • Our current apartment is great but we know already that it will be too small in the upcoming years with its 90sqm. We drea of a nice house but first there are so many things to get done :p

            • I get it completely. I would love to have a terrace one of these years… as actually having a ‘home’ i.e. bungalow with a real garden is an impossible dream in Mumbai!

  2. Happy Blirthday 🙂 Keep going!!!

  3. BerLinda says:

    Congrats on making it to 2 years! And on the great stats! And I’m jealous of your Glenmorangie adventures – I love that stuff 🙂

    • The Glenmorangie event was quite something. I wish I had snagged an open bottle of the 25 or Signet. They were MOST enjoyable (ok so was the 18 year too!)

    • Oh and many thanks on the 2nd birthday wishes. Can’t believe I’m actually still writing and posting! Someone suspected when I started I may not make it past a few months then the energy, inclination would fizzle out.

      • BerLinda says:

        That happens to a lot of people! Or they take massive breaks – you’re doing well! 🙂

        • Well I did have that ‘enforced’ break when I couldn’t get into WP and also the infuriating ‘white screen of death’! All that matters to me is that I’m still enjoying blogging and a few folks out there are too. Who could ask for anything more?? 😉

  4. YAY! Congratulations! The picture with your partner is totally awesome. He’s rocking the turban.

  5. JoV says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it. Happy blogoaversary, may you find more joy and happiness in keeping this blog and updating us. Awesome achievement so far, I don’t think I get that many hits when mine was two! 🙂

  6. Two years blogging – Congrats! I had no idea that you had another blog dedicated to the ‘Whiskey Lady’ and it is pretty awesome that you have been featured in a magazine.

    And yay about your trip to Canada and the UK! Look forward to reading all about your adventures.

    • Yeah I’ve been having fun with Whisky Lady… which I also sometimes call Whisky Lady in India so as to not be confused with another ‘Whisky Lady’ out there in Europe. 😉

      And our Canada / UK trip can’t come fast enough for me – mostly as I’m dying to get away from the mess our home has become with all the construction work!!

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