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Whisky Lady – January Journal

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It is Friday night and for you whisky drinkers, time to make you jealous!

Some may recall I decided one of my vices passions deserved its own little home. Thus Whisky Lady was born.

I also promised to share whisky posts here only once a month…

My 1st monthly malt missive is a bit of a catch up so bear with me!

Last night we kicked off the new year with:

December was a “World Tour” with:

  • Hammer Head from the Czech republic – Curiosity not craftsmanship
  • Glen Breton from Canada – Not worth repeating!
  • Nikka from the barrel from Japan – Well done for a blend!
  • Mortlach 15 year from Scotland – Mmmm… need I say more?

In November, we had a decidedly American twang – “Bring on the bourbon & rye” with:

  • Russel’s Reserve from Kentucky – Easy drinking
  • Rough Rider “Bull Moose” from New York – Not half bad for a one year old…
  • Breckenridge Special Reserve from Colorado – Kick up your heels!

I also opened up the cupboard and sampled:

Top pick from this lot? Still the Hakushu 18 year, though do rather enjoy the Monkey Shoulder and Mortlach 15 year.

Hakushu 18 year anyone?

Hakushu 18 year anyone?


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  1. I would really love to know more about good whiskeys but I never got around except a couple of tastings. Especially here in my hometown the chances of having a good tasting round are pretty low (might be also because I dont know anyone here :P)

  2. I’m not a whisky or whiskey fan, but I do love to see someone who appreciates it!

  3. Thomas G. says:

    Need to broaden my horizons to Japanese whiskies….

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