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Whisky Lady – Sultry September

In Canada, September is when you taste the first chill of autumn. Whereas here in India, the weather remained sultry for this Whisky Lady!

Whisky Lady Top 10

A few bottles from Whisky Lady’s current top 10

It was also a seriously HOT posting month!



Black vs white… paying respects

Different colours have different cultural connotations.

Take red….

  • In China, red is a colour for celebration and good luck
  • In India, brides are resplendent bright red – a colour symbolic with purity
  • By contrast, red is the colour of passion in Western eyes – quite the opposite of chasteness!

In most Canadian homes, black is the colour for funerals whereas white is for weddings. (more…)

Celebration treats! Eid Mubarak and Happy Ganapati!

Our doorbell keeps doing the ‘ding dong!‘ thing today…

More than the normal everyday type activities, we’ve had folks dropping off treats.

Our driver showed up on his day ‘off’ to share piping hot stupidly delicious home-made vermicelli payasam.

All a part of his sharing the joy of Eid! Completely humbled.

And then the bell rang again with more savouries and sweets – from the building society meeting…

Doorbell treats

Yummy doorbell treats!

We also just had Ganesh Chathurthi with pandals popping up all over – with the final step vasarjan – immersion of Ganapathi idols – with processions to the water, lots of noise, dancing and celebration.

For those not familiar, Ganesh is the elephant god and remover of obstacles. I could do with a few obstacles being removed about now… but that is something to focus on another day…

Today is instead to wish all my friends celebrating  – Eid Mubarak and Happy Ganapathi!

BTW – Wanna know more about Ganapathi? Check out Paula’s new ‘How to India’ vlog

Expat Focus on ‘Everyday Asia’ & AMWF advice

Check it out! Expat Focus featured Everyday Asia as a Top 5 Expat Blogs – India. For those not familiar with Expat Focus, it is a website that provides all sorts of resources for expats plus also features expat blogs and discussion forums.

They also just published an interview with me. Woo hoo!

Hello Mumbai

Hello Mumbai

Here’s a quick ‘cheat sheet’… for details read the full interview here:

  • Who the heck are you? Check out about
  • Where, when and why move? Travel tales… how I got hooked on going away!
  • What challenges did you face? Typical starving student stuff but all good fun
  • Other expats in your area? Originally almost none. Now oodles! In stumbling distance even…
  • What do you like / dislike about life where you are? Lots and nearly none 🙂
  • Biggest challenge? Eve teasing… the other side of my love affair with India
  • What advice would you give to someone following in your footsteps? Extract below…
  • What plans for the future? More of the same!


Urban development – Gurgaon vs Manila

I’ve ramped up to a higher gear on the working to get work front (i.e. business development for a client)… which found me hoping on a plane last week to Delhi. Except this trip, I didn’t actually spend any time in Delhi.

Nope it was all Gurgaon for me baby!

Welcome to Delhi Airport

Welcome to Delhi Airport

Believe it or not, the first time my feet touched ground in Gurgaon, Haryana was 25 years ago. Yup! Back in the day when this massive, teaming, constantly growing city spawned outside of another megalopolis was merely a crazy idea with the first skeletal buildings starting to spring up in the middle of nowhere.

I was on a Shastri summer study abroad program and learning, amongst many other things, about India’s urban development plans. (more…)

Blowing bubbles over bikes in Bandra

Up next in our random posts about Bandra street art is this hallucinogenic pink wonder blowing bubbles over a couple of scooters.

This one is literally steps away from our flat smack dab in the middle of an old village that once upon a time sat on the edge of the water before Bandra Reclamation sprung up to weave together Bombay’s islands and support its greedily growing population. (more…)

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