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Everyday Asia 2015 – Happy New Year!

How was your 2015? If anything like mine… zap! It was gone!

After an insane amount of travel in 2014 with a small project in Malaysia, a big project in Indonesia (I MISS Jakarta!!), some work in Japan, China, Philippines and Singapore… 2015 seemed rather tame.

Partner and I at BAFTA

Partner and I at BAFTA

Only a couple trips to Singapore, a jaunt to the UK and Canada plus a few domestic trips to Delhi, Kolkata and Jodhpur thrown in for good measure to augment everyday life in Mumbai.



Whisky Lady – December Delights

Well… my Whisky Lady adventures continue!

With December being full of merriment and mischief as the year came to a close, our original tasting group cancelled our monthly tasting session with many members traveling.

However my new group – The Whisky Ladies of Mumbai – were not deterred from swirling, sniffing, sipping and mmmmm…. swallowing!

In honour of one member’s last days in India before returning to the US, we decided to enjoy a Goan theme featuring a quintet of whiskies kindly provided by Paul John’s master distiller Michael John for our ladies sampling pleasure.

Paul John Christmas Quintet

Paul John Christmas Quintet


Boxing Day Bonus!

This Boxing Day came with an extra bonus.

It was the day our new kitten came home. Her previous human is heading back to the US, so she’s sauntered with a swish of her long tail into our hearts.

Yes… I’m liable to be a crazy cat lady for some time.

Here is lil Zoe at her original human’s home…

Me?? I would NEVER get into trouble!

Me?? I would NEVER get into trouble! I’m too cute!


Christmas Concert to get the merriment on!

Back in Canada, there would be no escaping all the Xmas bombardment of advertising, buying frenzies and more. There would also be a niece and nephew to spoil too!

Even last year when I was in Europe, the signs of the season abounded even in early November.

A couple weeks ago in Singapore, the Christmas spirit was ‘kick-started’ with a delightful evening with friends decorating their tree! In CBD the streets were lit and Christmas trees in most buildings.

Whereas back home in Mumbai, it’s been a bit… well.. quiet. It used to be that good old Catholic Bandra would be bursting with lights, nativity scenes and more. Has every Sandra from Bandra escaped to Canada, UK, Dubai and other shores?? (more…)

“Madam you must put your permanent address!” Aka a logic defying day

Sometimes you simply have to accept what life throws at you. There is no choice. Fighting won’t help. Getting upset won’t help. Today was one of those days…

Rather than rail at the universe, it got me thinking about different definitions of what is accepted as “proof” of address for various official (and perhaps unofficial) requirements.

Permanent Address

The stumbling block today, aside from some mysteriously missing paperwork, was a little thing known in these parts as “permanent” address.

Now… for those not familiar with the term, permit me to introduce you to this pesky little thing. (more…)

The Naked DJ

Yes that really is the title… of a documentary film I caught as part of the Singapore International Film Festival last week.

What made it remarkable is that it was shown without any censorship – apparently passing without difficulty. Can I just say – wow! Singapore is definitely changing!

You need to understand, Singapore is not a place known for originality or its acceptance of ‘alternate’ perspectives or lifestyles. DJ Chris Ho (X’Ho or DJ Mentor) is known for being a force for counter-culture and while I see him more of a creative ‘borrower’ than a creator of original content, he certainly courts controversy and shakes things up.

The evening began with an amusing ritual. Little bottles were passed around – “Take one and pass it on.” What was it? Chewing gum. We all collectively indulged in chewing contraband gum just to set the tone for some naughtiness! (more…)

Could the tax tide be turning??

There is one thing we all love to bitch about the world over – taxes!

I want you to pay your taxes

However… I just gotta say… the taxation system in India takes a certain kind of mettle, a patient and calm acceptance of the absurd as the norm, a heaping helping of humour and more!

Some may have followed my earlier follies… for those that haven’t… I have 5 tax years of refunds ‘adjusted’ against an amount the government thinks I owe it from 2009 whereas the reality is the reverse! (more…)

Swinging BACK into Singapore!!

I’m doing a very happy dance right now as I’m about to hop on plane to Singapore!

Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

I’ve shared before… over the years Singapore has become my ‘alternate’ home… It is where I based my international company, it is where I go periodically to drum up potential business, it is also my home away from my home away!

I know this trip will be chock of meetings, merriment and more. I’ve packed a lot into each day… literally from the moment I land til the moment I leave! But I’m just too greedy to finally be back!

How can I not squeeze in a Christmas tree and lighting celebration at friends? A veggie feast at a hipster joint? Some jazz? A little whisky? And mixing up some work related meetings with catching up with some favourite ex-colleagues?

So will you hear from me in the next week? Likely not!

I will simply be too busy swinging around Singapore.

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