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Whisky Lady – December Delights

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Well… my Whisky Lady adventures continue!

With December being full of merriment and mischief as the year came to a close, our original tasting group cancelled our monthly tasting session with many members traveling.

However my new group – The Whisky Ladies of Mumbai – were not deterred from swirling, sniffing, sipping and mmmmm…. swallowing!

In honour of one member’s last days in India before returning to the US, we decided to enjoy a Goan theme featuring a quintet of whiskies kindly provided by Paul John’s master distiller Michael John for our ladies sampling pleasure.

Paul John Christmas Quintet

Paul John Christmas Quintet

Here’s what our ladies quaffed in our Paul John evening with some rather cheeky tasting notes!

Singapore Airport's Whisky Wall

Singapore Airport’s Whisky Wall

For me, December also meant a trip to Singapore which whisky-wise featured:

Littlemill, BenRiach, Lochside 1981, Laphroiag

Little Mill, BenRiach, Lochside, Laphroiag

I caught up on sharing tasting notes for whiskies sampled during my June 2015 Singapore trip:

Inver House Master Class features (Photo: International Beverages)

Inver House Master Class (Photo courtesy International Beverages)

Finally posted notes from the July 2015 master class with Master Distiller Stuart Harvey:

My other goal was to ‘catch-up’ posting about all the whiskies tasted in November! Yes this is a repeat of last month’s list… just now with  links to all the tasting notes!!

Hibiki Harmony, Aultmore 18, Glenburgie

Hibiki Harmony, Aultmore 18, Glenburgie 15

For our original tasting group, in November we enjoyed:

Forty Creek, Oban, Nikka, Sheringham (Photo courtesy @Shrutis)

Forty Creek, Oban, Nikka, Sheringham (Photo courtesy @Shrutis)

Plus the Whisky Ladies had a mini world-tour:

20151121_Rare Malts

Flashback to  the 1980s with rare malts enjoyed as part of the Malt Maniac‘s 20th anniversary:

Phew! I’m nearly caught up! Until the new year –  Slainthe!

Curious to know more? Start with Whisky Lady’s monthly missives on Everyday Asia:

You can also find even more Whisky bits ‘n bobs on:



  1. Whiskey Nut says:

    A very comprehensive and varied tasting list.
    Would have liked to try a few myself.
    Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to your 2016 posts.

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