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Whisky Lady – An AWESOME August!

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As slow as July was, August was the opposite for this Whisky Lady!

Because… drum roll… Mumbai be warned! We launched a Whisky Ladies gathering to have some dangerously fun times enjoying our favourite whiskies!

Five fabulous drams for eight amazing whisky women! (Table For One)

Five fabulous drams with eight amazing whisky women! (Photo: Table For One)

Yup – you heard it right. We now have our own rocking whisky women’s club in Mumbai! Our inaugural evening featured:

August offerings (Whisky Lady)

August offerings (Whisky Lady)

We also held our regular monthly tasting session which featured three unique Islays:

Heathrow Airport (Whisky Lady)

Heathrow Airport (Whisky Lady)

Plus a few more Whisky Lady updates:

  • A little ditty on Airport Offerings at the “World of Whisky” store in Heathrow Airport (source of the Kilchoman Coull Point)
  • Unearthed a couple tasting note archives with :
  • Cracked open the Canadian samples stash to savour the Bowmore Laimrig 15 year 54.5% – One word – yum!

Clearly these are exciting times for this Whisky Lady! With two monthly tasting gatherings, augmented by the occasional visitor from other shores or international jaunts, my sampling adventures just became double the trouble and ridiculously fun!

Until next month –  Slainthe!

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  1. So interesting to read this always! Let’s see if I am able to find similar group inthe area I live in once I find more time (being your own boss together with your wife is surely hard work at least I the beginning setting up the business!)

    • Hey I get that! I’m also very much in a ‘start-up’ phase for many of the current initiatives. Which, in my humble opinion, is all the more reason to have something you commit to taking time out for once or twice a month. A little R&R does wonders! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Whisky Lady and commented:

    Just in case you missed any Whisky Lady posts in August, Everyday Asia has a summary!

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