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Whisky Lady – March Madness

Welcome to Whisky Ladys 3rd instalment… with a decidedly desi bent to our sampling adventures.

Just as February had a Japanese theme, March came home to feature whiskies from India! I could just as easily have called this ‘India pride month!’

While our formal monthly tasting was cancelled, most of our group took part in two events covering both of India’s Single Malt distilleries – Amrut and Paul John! (more…)


Tokyo Day 3 / Shanghai Day 1 – Travel time!

My July 2014 Tokyo Chapter closed uneventfully with the usual travel routine of wake-up, breakfast, check-out, flight and off to my next stop – Shanghai – with an extra bonus!!

Tokyo Day 3

Thanks to the practical and sound advice of a very knowledgeable traveler, I booked my flight out of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and entered China at Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport. (more…)

Urban Village: Invasion of the car cat nappers!

Last couple of Sundays on my walk to and from the gym, I’ve enjoyed seeing the latest developments in the neighbourhood feline world.

Most can been seen enjoying their Sunday afternoon slumber…

Sunday slumber time...

Sunday slumber time…

However a few decided to conquers cars!

I first noted the car capers with these three hanging out by a silver gari.

Cat Car Trio

Cat Car Trio

Then I spotted this one – you can only see 5 in this picture however there were another two under the car and another was strolling up to join!

Cat car nappers

Cat car nappers

It was like a cat car conclave! I think I missed the memo. 🙂

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Tokyo Day 2 – Work, Water + Whisky

After an interesting though less ambitious Day 1 than planned… welcome to Tokyo Day 2!

I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a good dose of snnnnnz!


After all the pre-program warnings about needing to meticulously prepare (with impeccable timing!), I found it rather amusing that we could not access the room early to set-up and the projector didn’t work! Tried a few combinations with my laptop, another participant’s laptop and then efforts to get another projector were initiated… (more…)

Tokyo Day 1 – Wandering around Shinjuku Nichō

I promised a few more details and pics of my Japan trip… so here goes!

Before I left Mumbai, I consulted with a friend who lives in Tokyo for what to do in my ONE free day… His advice was:

  • Airport to hotel only long enough to check-in and dump bags
  • Head straight to Tsukiji – Fish Market – noting that while I would miss the really active early morning, even the outer edge is remarkable
  • Walk to the Hamarikyu Gardens and have the maccha green tea
  • Take a boat from there to the Asakusa Kannon temple
  • Catch the subway back to the Hotel
  • Nap (he’s done enough overnight Tokyo – Mumbai trips to know!)
  • Go to the Robo Bar for the evening’s entertainment

It sounded ambitious but amusing.

And the reality? Far from the recommendations! (more…)

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

What fun! This weekend was the ‘Indian Premier’ of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with a special viewing for cast n crew. (more…)

Whirlwind work trip – Tokyo chapter

In July 2014 I went on this crazy whirlwind work trip that took me from Jakarta to Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo then Shanghai back to KL and home to Mumbai for a short bit before heading off again to Jakarta!

Thanks to still having mobility issues at that time, I could not explore with my usual verve and vigour… instead hobbled carefully along with my trusty cane.

While short, it was a fabulous trip and when hosting our February Japanese themed whisky tasting session, was reminded of how much I enjoyed those couple of days in Japan. (more…)

Silencing “India’s Daughter”

Quickly before yet another version of India’s Daughter was blocked, I watched the documentary lest I be tempted to comment on something without actually seeing it.

I needn’t have panicked I’d miss the opportunity… like rabbits, as soon as one is blocked, another link pops out of another YouTube hole.

Banning "India's Daughter" on YouTube

Banning “India’s Daughter” on YouTube

Social media and mass media alike are abuzz with reactions to the decision to not permit showing the BBC “India’s Daughter” documentary in India. And catapulted its viewing via YouTube in a way a mere airing on BBC TV alone could never have accomplished. (more…)

Happy Holi Y’all!!

This year I’m home in Mumbai for Holi and enjoying a relaxing day!

It wasn’t always so ‘chilled’… I remember mad Holi celebrations in Delhi in the 1990s… for days leading up to the festival anyone walking on the street was ‘fair game’ for a splash of colour!

Especially as I regularly strolled by a co-ed college on my way to the bus stop (heading to my college in another part of the city), enthusiastic young lads used to delight in chasing a young firangi with playful throwing of colour.

This year was so subdued that we were even able to surface early afternoon to quiet roads. Inspired by the plentiful fresh vegetables in the market, I was struck by a cooking mood.

Connected with a couple of friends and am now looking forward to a low-key sociable evening. Sounds about right! (more…)

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