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Happy Holi Y’all!!

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This year I’m home in Mumbai for Holi and enjoying a relaxing day!

It wasn’t always so ‘chilled’… I remember mad Holi celebrations in Delhi in the 1990s… for days leading up to the festival anyone walking on the street was ‘fair game’ for a splash of colour!

Especially as I regularly strolled by a co-ed college on my way to the bus stop (heading to my college in another part of the city), enthusiastic young lads used to delight in chasing a young firangi with playful throwing of colour.

This year was so subdued that we were even able to surface early afternoon to quiet roads. Inspired by the plentiful fresh vegetables in the market, I was struck by a cooking mood.

Connected with a couple of friends and am now looking forward to a low-key sociable evening. Sounds about right!

Happy holi Bandra style!

Bandra Style

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  1. BerLinda says:

    Sounds perfect! Not sure I’d be so keen on the paint-throwing but I guess you dress accordingly if you know about it! 🙂 There’s a food stall down the road from me called ‘Holi Cow’ 🙂

    • I used to keep ‘holi clothes’ – a faded old kurta pyjama – just to get covered in colour as it most powdered dyes don’t come out.

      As for your ‘Holi Cow’ stall… amused by the play on the words not so amused that beef is now banned in my state. Sentence for consuming is 5 years… rape and even murder of a woman will get you less!!? (insert image of blood boiling, steam spurting from ears)

  2. I always thought that Holi was pure madness. It sounds like things are calmer now – enjoy your evening! [As a sidenote, people now pay to get color thrown at them – I am assuming ‘the color run’ was inspired by Holi.]

    • Oh it still can be however haven’t seen or heard of the kind of forced colours that used to be a regular occurrence. Even cars, dogs, anything would get messed up.

      I’m actually not sure what inspired this artist… I just thought it was a nice colourful way to wish folks “Happy Holi!” 😉

  3. Happy Holi! I really enjoy reading about Holi celebrations in Mumbai – living vicariously through you…

  4. Y’all? I’m still giggling 🙂

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