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Music Musings – Lenka

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Do you ever hear a song and just smile? This Music Musings feature is pure pop – Australia’s Lenka who performed in Mumbai at blueFROG last weekend.

Lenka singing her heart out!

Lenka singing her heart out!

We’d missed a few good bands that came to town in the last few weeks with the uncertainty of return dates for the Jakarta project… so decided enough was enough… time to get out!

The Tour is to promote her new CD – Shadows.

So here goes the song everyone kept asking for over n over:

And “everything at once”

And “Trouble is a friend”

For more music and information, check out:

Can I admit something though? I’ve enjoyed her songs every once and awhile… a little light ‘happy fix.’ However an entire evening of just such darn cute happy stuff? Well… let’s just say my inner grumpiness was going into diabetic shock with all the sugary sweetness and light!

Lenka at blueFROG - Mumbai on 23 Nov 2013

Lenka at blueFROG – Mumbai on 23 Nov 2013

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