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Our Christmas Eve Love Story

Three years ago I was invited to a Christmas Eve party at Christmas Eve Building hosted by theatre personality / advertising guru Alyque Padamsee.

Little did I know how one evening would change my life.

You see… that was when I met my partner.

My partner in crime and I!

Who is that masked man??

From the very first moment, there was something.

The next day a friend and I dropped by Christmas lunch at his home where I met his mother, extended family and friends. Instantly plunged into his nearest circles.

Fuzzy 1st date!

Fuzzy 1st date pic!

Our first ‘date’ was that evening at the Bandra Gymkhana Christmas ball. Can it get any better than a debonair man sweeping you off your feet?

Mad New Year's Party in Bangkok

Mad New Year’s Party in Bangkok

A few days later we flew to Bangkok for New Years. This wasn’t a fancy resort trip, it was to spend time with my adopted family – three siblings, their partners, five kids, parents, two maids and a rambunctious dog in the suburbs. As one sister warned “If he can survive this madness, he’s a keeper!”

Bangkok romance

Bangkok romance

By the time we returned, we had skipped past all the normal dating rituals and started to look for a place to live together.

We just knew… it was that simple.

Cousin's wedding in Calgary

Cousin’s wedding in Calgary

It was the best thing that ever happened and today I give thanks for taking a chance on love and being blessed with such an amazing partner. We enrich each others lives and I am looking forward to a lifetime of adventures together.

Together in New York

Together in New York

PS – In June 2017 we formally tied the knot with immediate family and a few friends in Winnipeg, Canada. And the journey together continues…

Winnipeg wedding..

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The majority minority complex – Christmas communalism

I’m a minority. A minority who generally considers herself very fortunate to be blessed with the opportunity to call India my adopted home.

However some elements in the Hindu majority have a ‘majority minority complex’ and recent expressions are quite disturbing.

Fearing losing its place as the majority, certain ‘Hindu’ leaders in positions of political power and influence, are flexing their might with  tactics such as:

  • Telling schools to have ‘good governance‘ activities on Christmas, effectively cancelling the holiday
  • ‘Ghar wapasi’ campaigns with announcements of ‘reconversion’ ceremonies scheduled for Christmas day

Now… good governance is sorely lacking in this country…. (more…)

4th Quarter Summary – Belated 1st Birthday Blog!

It seems that being locked out of your blog or grappling with the ‘white screen of death’ is a rite of passage with a WordPress blog. Throw in a busted ankle and you got it! I managed to miss the 1st birthday of “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)“! (more…)

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions!

While I enjoy reading other’s 2013 reflections and 2014 resolutions, I must admit, I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Unless you count vague promises to yourself of things you know you will never do. Which is why I got such a kick out of this image a friend sent me – rather apt!

No clue of its 'provenance' but rather amusing...

No clue of its ‘provenance’ but rather amusing…

However, I do have goals and I do set out to carry out certain things too.

10 accomplishments in 10 years (more…)

3rd Quarter Summary

Nine months ago, if I’d got ‘knocked up’, we’d be saying “It’s a girl/boy!”

Instead, I’m delighted to celebrate “It’s a blog!” as “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” reaches its 3rd quarter – yipee!

I gotta admit though, this quarter didn’t exactly turn out as planned…

  • Random Jakarta Mall pic (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

    Random Jakarta Mall pic (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

    I expected to be in Jakarta and couldn’t wait to explore more of that amazing city and other parts of Indonesia! While I was busy with the Indonesian project til 2nd week December, most work was done remotely in Mumbai. With a shift in business model and priorities, there won’t be future trips for this client… sigh… however ‘fingers crossed’ more projects will come that involve travel!

  • My partner had a film shoot planned in Budapest in December. Seemed a great excuse to spend some time in Europe – I had dreams of joining for a bit, pop over to Prague to see a dear friend, amble on to Amsterdam for another friend’s new nightclub opening. Alas, the film hit a snag and…. again sigh… no news on if/when either the film shoot will happen or where.
  • With these developments, we decided to stay put, revelling in the delights and distractions Mumbai always has on offer – not such a bad thing. 🙂

As for the blog, this quarter hit some cool milestones: (more…)

Merry Christmas Mercedes?!

My partner and I kept it pretty low key in our gift giving and receiving department this year… til his old ‘chuddy buddy’ (literally underwear buddy ie childhood friend) gave him a Mercedes Benz. No – not a model toy, not a key chain, a real live you can drive it Mercedes Benz E220. (more…)

Tis the season to get “marry”ed… again

While tis the season to be merry, winter is also marriage or “shadi” season in India! The temperatures cool and ‘phorun’ (foreign) relatives descend. Peacock bright wedding finery is donned, jewellery polished and coloured envelops stuffed with cash plus one rupee for good luck.

Wedding puja (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Wedding puja (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

In a true sign of the times, the family wedding we attended on the weekend was 2nd time around for two siblings. All four experienced wedding, divorce and were taking a leap of faith to wed again. The brother and sister decided to tie the knot with their respective loves on the same day, keeping the ceremonies short, sweet and restricted to family. (more…)

Give the gift… of your opinion please!

In many countries around the world, cash registers are working overtime and folks are trudging through streets and malls scouring for the perfect gift for that special someone, obligatory family member or “Secret Santa” at work.

Xmas tree 2013 (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Xmas tree 2013 (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Now we are all multi-faceted creatures with a variety of interests – our gifts and gift giving reflects this. And this blog is no exception, particularly as it is a purely personal indulgence. However as I was poking around the statistics for the upcoming 3rd quarter summary, I thought comments from family and friends that “Hey I loved that!” or “That’s totally not my thing so I ignore posts about…”

Rather than make a wild guess or totally piss off all ya super cool readers out there, I would love to hear what YOU want more / less of… I’ve broadly divided along the lines of the blog’s categories. (more…)

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