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Merry Christmas Mercedes?!

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My partner and I kept it pretty low key in our gift giving and receiving department this year… til his old ‘chuddy buddy’ (literally underwear buddy ie childhood friend) gave him a Mercedes Benz. No – not a model toy, not a key chain, a real live you can drive it Mercedes Benz E220.

Presenting presents (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Presenting presents (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Not just any Merc, his father’s pride and joy lovingly maintained in his memory. Plush deep blue leather seats that make you go ‘Oh baby – just drive on!’, minimal mileage for its age, mint condition motor and vintage sound system – that harkens back to the era of mixed tapes – yes a good old cassette player!

After his father’s passing, his friend’s mother just could not part with the car… for years it sat in their garage barely used… til one fine day someone came up with the brilliant idea that if it was gifted to my partner, it would remain in the ‘family’ so to speak.

And on Christmas day that is exactly what happened! Knowing there would be a Christmas lunch at my partner’s mother’s home, the Merc showed up all polished and shiny new looking with liveried drivers ceremoniously handing over keys with more gifts and the sweetest cards on the passenger seat.

We sat back and enjoyed the drive from one feast to the next, gazing out the car windows at the brightly lit streets of Bandra, all Christmasy and cheery. Completely floored by the generosity of spirit and sentiment that came with the giving of this new chariot! We are incredibly fortunate to be blessed by amazing family and friends stretching across the globe – thank you all for the gift of your love and affection!

"Merci beaucoup for the Mercedes Benz buddy!"

“Merci beaucoup for the Mercedes Benz buddy!” (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

And one good turn deserves another… An old friend and neighbour has been eying my partner’s Lancer for some time… I think he just got the most amazing Christmas present of his life!

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  1. Suparna says:

    Wow, what a delightful surprise! And also another great gesture by Denzil! It will probably be the most memorable Christmas for you guys. 🙂

  2. If someone gifts you a little villa in Goa next, I’m coming over!

  3. pollyheath says:

    Whoa! That’s an amazing gift — enjoy!

    May I say that the last photo deserves to be in a high end magazine for its sheer classiness!

  4. Expat Eye says:

    Wow, what an amazing gift! Your buddy is way better than Santa 😉

  5. Glynis Jolly says:

    How thrilling! Not only is your partner’s ‘new’ car an amazing gift but so is the one he gave to a friend. The true meaning of Christmas.

  6. rowanhayward says:

    A nice, classy ride in keeping with the season…and very nice to pass on the previous sleigh 🙂 Well done!

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