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Sisterhood of the world!

Just before our big trip to Canada and the UK, the super cool “Sisterhood of the world” award swung my way thanks to  Travelgirl47 !

So a huge shout out to Jenn and now what follows is…

  • I get to answer a few burning questions from Jenn
  • Then nominate some more fabulous sister bloggers and….
  • And ask them some questions too!

Simple, eh? (more…)


Dragon’s Loyalty Award

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is for the loyal fan/commenter – as the kind soul who nominated me “Nair View” put it:

“Regularly. Stalker-like. The more you stalk, the better your chances are for winning this award.”

How fabulous is anything that celebrates blogging faffery? It may be like “chain-mail,” but at least it doesn’t threaten dire consequences if not followed precisely by a certain time! Instead it is a chance to say “Hey – you’ve been really cool to chat with!” and gives others a nudge to discover more great blogs to read and comment. (more…)

Trophy Accident – Celebrating 100 Followers

I’m still a complete neophyte when it comes to navigating the wonderful world of WordPress and blogging features. Only today when going through the Reader did I notice a funny little thing labelled “Trophy Case” on the right hand column.

I clicked on the link to discover that since 23 Sept 2013 there are 100 fabulous folks following this blog. How the heck did that happen?

Thanks folks!

Followers (23 Sept 2013)

And because I’m a little slow… between this “Trophy” and today, apparently we’re up to 114 followers, augmented by an additional 60 through Twitter.

So thanks folks, keep following, commenting, liking and most importantly reading and publishing your own blogs! Good luck to you achieving a happy milestone when not looking!

Happy 1st October!

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Shine On Award!

shine-on-awardWith the recent project in Jakarta, I’ve been struggling to make time to do anything other than work. So it took a trip home to Mumbai and a little breathing space to say – “Thank you Gina of the fabulous A 4star life for the Shine On Award nomination!”

I can’t miss your blog and its in my “all time favourites” like Zhongguo Jumble, Kiwi Gypsy, Lady of the Cakes, Ottominuti – You folks are my blogging idols!

To accept the award, I need to share random 7 facts about myself (different to earlier award – Liebster) and nominate 15 other blogs I enjoy reading. If I’ve nominated you (ie blogs below), feel free to ‘accept’ and pass on the joy to others! (more…)

999 views? It’s an emergency!

Hit “Publish” for “Coffee Conundrum – Wants vs Needs” then took peak at the site statistics.

Imagine my surprise to see 999 views! Experienced bloggers may be blasé about such milestones, however I’m floored. So THANK YOU for reading, sharing, following, commenting, encouraging and more!!

Seriously? 999 views??

Seriously? 999 views??


Liebster Award – Share the love

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

This is like the Oscar for beginner bloggers! How super cool and incredibly encouraging to be nominated only six weeks into blogging. What’s even more fabulous is discovering so many interesting new blogs via Liebster Award responses!!


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