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Sisterhood of the world!

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Just before our big trip to Canada and the UK, the super cool “Sisterhood of the world” award swung my way thanks to  Travelgirl47 !

So a huge shout out to Jenn and now what follows is…

  • I get to answer a few burning questions from Jenn
  • Then nominate some more fabulous sister bloggers and….
  • And ask them some questions too!

Simple, eh?


Here are the questions Travelgirl47 asked:

  1. Who is your favorite Superhero? Meow! Cat woman… I know she isn’t really considered a hero but…. you know… sexy cat outfit, some spunk… come on!
  2. What was the last picture you took on your phone? When I first started this post it was whisky bottles sampled in our monthly tasting session … now it is impossibly bad photos attempting to capture the fireworks from Canada Day celebrated in Toronto
  3. What is one of your pet peeves while traveling? Bawling brats with their sometimes even more annoying frustrated parents (sorry folks!)
  4. If you had to take dance lessons in a certain country, what style of dance would you choose to learn and where? Tango in Argentina!
  5. What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten? Err.. I’m stumped on this one. I’ve had things some folks may think odd however as I’m a pesky pescetarian, none of those typical ewww gross edibles.
  6. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? This is gonna sound sappy… but my partner. Ain’t no one else I’d rather be with anywhere doing anything.
  7. What’s the worst injury you have had while traveling? My stupid torn ankle ligament. I had to cancel my 2014 Canada vacation plus make copious use of wheelchair services to Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila, Singapore, KL and oodles back n forth between Jakarta and home to Mumbai! And just when everything seemed back to ‘normal’, I went and twisted my other ankle in Singapore a mere two week’s before our 2015 Canada trip?!
  8. Where is your dream vacation? Anywhere I can combine a new experience, fun with friends, live music or theatre and more!
  9. What is your favorite genre of music? Heck, I refuse to stick to one genre! I grew up loving western classical and folks music, then got switched on to punk and hard core (typical rebellious 80s teen stuff!), lots of world music, jazz…
  10. What is something that inspires you the most? Seeing others succeed… be more than they imagined they could be.

Here are my super fab women blogger nominations:

  1. Distant Drumlins / Townlands of Ulster  – I loved Karolyn’s Bangalore tales and equally her insights to life back in England and Ireland
  2. Englishwoman in Mumbai – Even if she’s actually in the UK right now living on a houseboat, there is no escaping the ‘desi’ influences…
  3. Expat Eye on Germany – If you enjoyed Linda’s previous avatar ‘Expat Eye on Latvia’, you will be equally amused by her German one
  4. Foreign Sanctuary – Constance is from Canada living in Taiwan with her hubby sharing insights into life there with some darn amazing photos too!
  5. Japan Can(ada) Mix – Hillary’s delightful blend of Canadian lass, Japanese gent and shuttling between lands
  6. Marta lives in China – Why yes she does! Seven years and counting even. 🙂 It is uncanny how so many of her China experiences mirror my Indian ones, with just a few twists here n there!
  7. My year of sweat – Hey don’t let the title trick you into thinking this is a boring fitness blog! If you aren’t already a fan, just go check it out!

And their questions (not terribly inspired or profound but I’m all jet laggy):

  1. What are your favourite rainy day activity(ies)?
  2. If you had to transmogrify into an animal – which and why?
  3. What TV shows or films currently keep you amused or engaged?
  4. What makes you howl in frustration?
  5. And what makes you jump up and dance for joy?
  6. What were you up to 10 years ago?
  7. In a perfect world, where will you be and what will you be doing 10 years from now?
  8. What’s the worst play / live performance you have ever seen? (as in shudder!)
  9. What CD is in your player / song on your iPod / streaming…  you get it!
  10. What is the most useless thing you packed and never ever actually used when traveling or shifting to another place?

Next steps are simple:

  • Write a post like this one thanking me (why you are welcome!) with the “Sisterhood of the world” badge
  • Answer the questions posed to you..
  • To keep the blogging love going, nominate more fab women bloggers
  • Ask them a few questions
  • Oh yeah… don’t forget to let them know you have done this! No secret award winners out there. 😉




  1. Marta says:

    Thanks a lot, Carissa! I don’t usually follow these chains because I don’t know how to make an entertaining post with them, but your questions are very interesting haha. Can I answer here?

    1. Rainy days (like the ones we have been having for the last month) call for a movie or a book in the sofa.

    2. A dog. Preferably my dog. That’s the life!

    3. I just finished Game of Thrones and Fresh Off the Boat so I need to look for new things!

    4. The extremely slow speed of the Chinese internet connections. Well in fact it makes me want to kill someone.

    5. Uhm… nothing? I’m not that expressive, haha.

    6. Right now? I would be on holidays after finishing my third year in University. Oh, 3 months of summer holidays, I miss them so much… I was also dating my college sweetheart, a bass player.

    7. Perfect world? I would be rich enough to live 4 months a year in Spain, 4 months a year in China and the other 4 travelling around, making a lot of money from my freelance translator job. HAHAHA, that would be nice. I would also have a kid or two and they would not be annoying at all, but perfectly mature and quiet.

    8. Hard to decide, it was either Sybil Vane (an awful female trio from Spain that I don’t know how managed to sign with an important indie label) or a Chinese band with a female singer surnamed Wu. What was the name of the band? Wu and the happy streets or something like that. I have never heard anyone howling like that. OMG.

    9. I am ashamed to say that I almost never listen to music anymore. It’s a shame when it was a very important part of my life until a few years ago (I even wrote for a music website). I just don’t have the time anymore to research for new bands and stuff. I don’t even own an mp3 player! 😦 But if I had one, I would probably be listening to the latest Death Cab for Cutie.

    10. I think I have some dress that I brought from Spain and never wore, haha.

    Uf, that was long! So there you have 😀

  2. Thanks so much for nominating. I will get to answering your questions soon! 🙂

  3. Thanks, much! I might just do what magnificent Marta did.

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