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Urban Village – I stand on guard for thee!

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It has been a VERY long time since I strolled through the urban village outside our door.

Partly this was because for months I was traveling and hardly home in Mumbai. However it was largely as I simply wasn’t up to the obstacle course with my busted then fragile recovering ankle

However I finally overcame the nervousness of potentially re-wrecking my ankle on the uneven winding paths and took a wander along the familiar twists and turns…

The parrots are inside and post Eid also means the goats are gone. The kitten has become a grandmother with her latest offspring’s offspring doing their own interpretation of a peak-a-boo while a snoozing potted cat was easily spotted.

The latest greatest curled up potted cat...

The latest greatest curled up potted cat…

Perhaps as it was the heat of the afternoon, however most of my feline friends were found standing (flopping) “on guard” at various doorways of their homes.

Cats n doors 3

“Fear not! Your footwear is safe!!”

Cats n Doors 2

“No need to get up Ma! I’m protecting your things.”

Cats n Doors 1

“I’m standing on guard for thee! Ain’t no one getting past me!!”

It feels good to be back exploring the urban village… even better I safely survived without twisting my silly ankle again! Related posts:



  1. I’d entrust my flip-flops to that ginger one any day!

  2. lafemmet says:

    ah, I love the kittehs! 🙂

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