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Whisky Lady – November Novelties

As quiet as this blog Everyday Asia’s been lately, my other blog Whisky Lady has been quintuply busy!

November brought incredible ‘novelty’ with a grand total of five (yup! That’s 1, 2, 3, 4.. 5!!) whisky sampling occasions exploring a wide range from the affordable and accessible to the impossibly rare with insane prices!

It was such a busy whisky tasting month that most reviews started in the status of *Notes forthcoming! (more…)


Everyday Asia – feast or famine?

Yes Everyday Asia… you have been sorely neglected!

Yes there are a bunch of partly written blog posts sitting in your draft folder…

Yes your phone is full to bursting with photos from various adventures…

Yes you were busy busy busy!

So… if you can’t write juicy little separate posts, just do a quick round-up… yes?

Here goes! (more…)

The quietest Diwali yet!

There is something exceedingly off about this picture… It is the middle of the day, there is no whine or banging of construction noises from the flat next door…. There is no pulsing music blaring at top volume… There are only the occasional burst of random fire crackers…

Is this really Diwali?

A peaceful, relaxed and frankly rather enjoyable Diwali?

Could it be that finally we can welcome Lakshmi into our homes with only the gentle glow of diyas?

Can I dare hope?? A few hours more will tell…

For those of you heading out soon to win or lose fortunes over cards, share merriment and gift giving with family and friends, let me add an exuberant ‘Happy Diwali!’ to the mercifully quiet chorus this year!

2015-11-10 Pheonix Mills Diwali


Does seem a bit like the Palladium’s Diwali decoration have almost a Christmasy feel?

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