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Whisky Lady – February Fun

Welcome to Whisky Ladys 2nd instalment… and February was my turn to host!

This particular session required some advance planning with purchases in Tokyo during my July 2014 trip. To pair with exploring whiskies from this remarkable country, I prevailed on a friend’s catering company for a 4-course Japanese feast from Sushi Koi – simply delicious!

Our February whisky tasting session included: (more…)


Bleeping ‘Bombay’?

My partner’s play Bombay Jazz is on Sunday and the press is paying attention!

But I noticed a funny little caveat at the end of an article “When Jazz Hit Mumbai” that came out yesterday in Mid-Day

Note: Mumbai has been referred to as Bombay to retain flow of historic events.

Then proceeded to pepper throughout the article:

… Mumbai (Bombay, then) …

To someone from outside India, it seems rather schizophrenic – Mumbai vs Bombay!? (more…)

How to have a hippy princess holiday!

Sometimes a gal just needs to release her inner hippy child to cavort with her princess streak to enjoy a few fabulous days of bliss in Goa!

How… you ask?

Fly Business Class

In footloose fancy free hippy mode, decide to fly last-minute, pack only a small bag of comfy casual clothes but…

Then out pops the princess with business class for a mere 1 hour flight (ok one was a première seat sale practically the same price as eco & the other was eco bumped up with a nearly expiring upgrade voucher… why waste, eh?) (more…)

Going Goa Gone!

Last time I was in Goa was Dec 2013 – Jan 2014… I was there helping organise a music festival so it was a mix of work and play.

In 10 minutes I’m out the door and on my way to the airport… to catch a flight to Goa!

The purpose this time?

Let’s see… catching up with friends… beach… book… beer… swim… food… and repeat!

Sound good? Certainly much more appealing than the weather my companions are returning to Canada for after these days together… what was it… -30’c?!

Goa sunset on New Years Eve 2013

Goa New Years Eve 2013

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Mumbai Marriage Marathons…

Beware un-married couples in India! If you are caught sauntering along hand in hand or ‘Gasp!’ smooching your guy or gal in public… you just might be hauled off to the nearest temple to get wed!

India’s morality police decreed that couples celebrating Valentines Day with PDA (public displays of affection) should have their romance result in marriage (and preferably producing 4 Hindu babies!)

Such shotgun shadis would certainly avoid all the fuss, fan fare and expense that are typical of Indian weddings.

Given the marathon of marriages of the last few months, that might not be a bad thing (I’m joking ok?). (more…)

Personalising Bombay’s Paparazzi – Fahad Samar’s Flash Point

When you think ‘paparazzi‘, you think of mad shutter bugs hounding celebrities going about their everyday activities…

However Mumbai’s breed are rather more civilised. “Please sir… just one more sir! Thank you sir!”

Before I met my partner, I was completely oblivious of Mumbai’s paparazzi.

With him, I discovered there is often a warm symbiotic relationship between photographer and photographee. What isn’t captured on camera are the greetings by name, teasing exchanges and general camaraderie. (more…)

Two steps forward, One step back… mutual funds address follies continue…

In our intrepid heroines continued adventures to update her address with various authorities, kahani main aaya nai twist! (in the story, comes a new twist!)

Just as I submitted the 3rd address update – nearly one year after the process began – I was informed that apparently the begging, pleading, persistence and head-bashing at the illogical logic lead to someone somewhere deciding they actually DID have enough evidence and instructions to make the changes based on the 2nd application. Huh?! (more…)

7th Quarter Summary

Funny how time zips by when you are doing nearly nothing!

While not strictly true, the 7th Quarter of “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” was certainly more sedate than previous quarters given it was minus the manic travel and project work.

Now how perfectly Dutch

How perfectly Dutch

This 7th quarter brought:

  • An impromptu trip to Amsterdam, finally adding Europe to all my recent adventures… naturally I’ve had oodles of past ones! 😉
  • Saw LOTS of theatre – some fabulous and some definitely not!
  • Mad marriage marathons in Mumbai… once I’m fully recovered I may share some of the gory details!
  • Oodles of family visitors for the Christmas / New Years season
  • And finally a focus on fitness for the slow journey back to normality post ankle injury – including shuffling along to support Avehi Abacus at the Mumbai Marathon!


Moosehead dude cycles into Bandra!

Anyone who has wandered around the streets of Bandra can’t help but stumble across some rather remarkable art on building walls, hidden along winding lanes, tucked away on the corner of a convenience stall.

Multiple arts projects find home in this western suburb of Bombay… one of the more recent was part of the Celebrate Bandra festival where St+art brought together a mix of Indian and international artists to create a new series of murals to brighten the buildings of Bandra… (more…)

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