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Whisky Lady – February Fun

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Welcome to Whisky Ladys 2nd instalment… and February was my turn to host!

This particular session required some advance planning with purchases in Tokyo during my July 2014 trip. To pair with exploring whiskies from this remarkable country, I prevailed on a friend’s catering company for a 4-course Japanese feast from Sushi Koi – simply delicious!

Our February whisky tasting session included:

Enjoyed revisiting a few sampled previously:

I also had fun with the following:

Top picks? A tough one this month! The simple answer is the Japanese whiskies ruled – each for different reasons:

  • The Mystery Malt from Ichiro’s Malt is definitely special, mature, well-rounded and nuanced!
  • I’m also terribly partial to cask strength whiskies, so the Chichibu 2009 French Oak Cask gets a special nod with its complex elements and deceptive strength.
  • The Chita is unique with a feminine ‘perfume’ quality that is almost ‘un-whisky’ like – in a good way!
  • And after airing, can certainly see why the Taktsuru Pure Malt garners attention.


Wake up Scotland! Japan has some series whiskies to beat.

Wake up Scotland! Japan has some serious whiskies to beat. (Whisky Lady)

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  1. And here I am still jealous of all the whiskey tasting you have :p

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