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Visa o visa woes!

Twas the night before my Tokyo flight… and all was decidedly NOT calm in our house… Cue partner muttering expletives, with the occasional shout of exasperation.


He had a film shoot in London…

Great, right? You bet! Independent production with a cross-continent story of an estranged father-son relationship… with every element to potentially do well in the film fest circuit.

Sounds fab! Until…. time to apply for a UK work visa…


Battling the white screen of death

I’m howling at the universe – I want to write gawdammit not wrestle with technology!!

Blog purgatory... Help!

Blog purgatory… Help!

Alas WordPress is determined to drag me kicking and screaming into technical areas that are beyond my ken!

This white screen of death is perilously close to being the death of this blog…

I would like to share my excitement about recent trips to Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila and Singapore… the wondrous world of opening companies… enjoying Lebaran in Jakarta, returning home to a monsoon Mumbai.

Instead all I get is a white screen….

So am going to share the pain this once, make a few more attempts when back in India over the next two weeks…. if unsuccessful will simply admit defeat and retire my wee blog!

Has anyone else battled the ‘white screen of death’ and emerged victorious?

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Fusion Soup – Massaman Pumpkin

One of the delightful things about living in Asia is access to a great variety of vegetables the easy way one can fuse flavours just by combining a little of this with a little of that!

While home, I had a hankering for pumpkin soup… but decided to give it a Thai twist! (more…)

Tyrconnell, Ledaig Island, Talisker Dark Storm

June was my turn to host, cleverly scheduled during my one week home… My goal was to stump our resident expert with offerings he had never sampled before…

Tasting Notes from 17 June 2014

Following our standard format, we blind tasted samples before revealing the whisky. This month featured: Tyrconnell 10 year, Ledaig Island Cask, Talisker Dark Storm and something extra special –  Tapatio Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Anejo. (more…)

Iconic Images – O Canada!

I was in Mumbai for the Canada Day celebration this year (conveniently held on Friday in advance of 1 July!).

This year they added a fun little gimmick – a photo taken in front of a Niagara Falls backdrop as a little ‘gift’. They even provided those bright yellow rain jackets that one typically sees on the Maid of the Mist.

It has been much more than a decade since I visited Niagara Falls – 1997 I think! Like many of the world’s iconic sights – it truly is remarkable.

As for where I actually am right now? Let’s see if you can follow this….

Translation? Kick off in Bombay, pass through Kuala Lumpur on my way to Japan… then on to Shanghai, KL again and back home to amcchi Mumbai!

Right now? I’m mid-way through this trip in Tokyo at the moment. It is my first trip to Japan and I’m trying to squeeze as much experience in as possible alongside work in my short 2 days / 2 nights! Suggestions welcome! 🙂


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