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Battling the white screen of death

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I’m howling at the universe – I want to write gawdammit not wrestle with technology!!

Blog purgatory... Help!

Blog purgatory… Help!

Alas WordPress is determined to drag me kicking and screaming into technical areas that are beyond my ken!

This white screen of death is perilously close to being the death of this blog…

I would like to share my excitement about recent trips to Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila and Singapore… the wondrous world of opening companies… enjoying Lebaran in Jakarta, returning home to a monsoon Mumbai.

Instead all I get is a white screen….

So am going to share the pain this once, make a few more attempts when back in India over the next two weeks…. if unsuccessful will simply admit defeat and retire my wee blog!

Has anyone else battled the ‘white screen of death’ and emerged victorious?

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  1. Oh no… that sounds dreadful… I’ve not encountered this (yet). What does WP tech dept say?? I guess you’ve searched the forums? Someone else will have had this problem, for sure. I so hope you can get on top of this – otherwise I shall miss you dreadfully 😦

  2. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Sorry I can’t help – haven’t faced the white screen of death yet. But I hope you get it sorted. I don’t want to see sad little tags like “giving up”.

    • Karolyn Cooper says:

      And here’s a question – is your whole interface with WP destroyed? Or can you abandon Everyday Adventures and start a new WP blog?

      • By process of elimination I’ve established:
        – Happens with Every Day Adventures in Asia regardless of computer
        – Doesn’t happen with another blog I set-up a shell to then work on to become one of the company websites
        – Teasingly I can sometimes get in for a couple minutes before BLANK… like today 😉

        Still trouble shooting through various solutions. Just wickedly time consuming and didn’t have a chance until home for the Eid break!

        It also isn’t my only technology trouble right now… desktop died with replacement hard disk ordered (still under warranty), laptop is in the process of being completely re-formatted back to factory settings…

        So went out and bought myself a snazzy new Tab! 😉

        Maybe by some miracle with all my revamped, new disk, new tab I will navigate a way forward!! Tally ho!!

    • I’m stubborn enough to not give up quite yet! 😉

  3. I’ve experienced something similar due to some outdated apps on my PC, but installing updates helped, so so far not troubles *spits three times over shoulder just in case*
    Good luck with the battle. I know for sure how annoying this could be. Quoting my bellowed sir Terry Pratchett, ‘Always be aware of any helpful item that weighs less than it’s operating manual’.

    • So maybe my desktop dying and laptop limping through yet another complete reformat will help! Fingers crossed. 😉

      Amazingly on my wee new tab, I’ve not yet had a ‘white screen of death’ sighting! However I just logged on, spewed out my rant and haven’t got into the real posting groove… let’s see…

      In the meantime I’m perversely pleased I’m not the only one to have suffered this posting purgatory!

  4. Madhu says:

    How frustrating for you. It has to be a WP glitch if you cannot access your blog from any computer or gadget. Have you tried posting on the support forum? They are usually quick to respond.

    • Tried a few forums… followed instructions… howled in more frustration…

      But get this? Then my desktop died (still waiting for replacement hard disk) and laptop limped along to then be completely reformatted… lo and behold when I tried again today… no white!?

      So fingers crossed, perhaps it was linked to the three machines I tried accessing from after all??????

  5. TheLastWord says:

    I assume you have a self-hosted WP implementation not a WP.COM thing. I haven’t come across this white-screen thing. Sounds terribly frustrating!

    Well, the bright side of it all is – you’re in India!! Can’t the paan-wallah next door fix it? 🙂

    • And may you never experience the ‘white-screen thing’! 🙂

      While the paan-wallah next door didn’t come galloping to the rescue, my local techie whiz finally did something that seems to be helping… after completely reformatting my laptop.

      Let’s see!!!!

  6. Apparently this was only the tip of the technological iceberg…

  7. Sue Slaght says:

    Oh dear this does not sound like a happy thing at all! It seems like you have hung in through it all?

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