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Boxing Day Bonus!

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This Boxing Day came with an extra bonus.

It was the day our new kitten came home. Her previous human is heading back to the US, so she’s sauntered with a swish of her long tail into our hearts.

Yes… I’m liable to be a crazy cat lady for some time.

Here is lil Zoe at her original human’s home…

Me?? I would NEVER get into trouble!

Me?? I would NEVER get into trouble! I’m too cute!

And now? This perky little munchkin loves chasing after her toys, fetching and bringing them back to be flung across the room again and again and again.

Who me??

Who me??

She’s also a complete snuggle monster… With the most remarkable affect on her humans. As she nods off, purring away to glory, human eyelids also begin to droop… “You are getting very sleepy… “

Zoe1 Zoe2 Zoe3

Yes fur ball, we are your slaves, we live to serve at your pleasure.

Any other crazy cat owners out there? Words of wisdom for our new status as kitten servants?

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  1. She’s beautiful. And heart melting. And has very big ears! There is no hope for you. You will be slaves forever.

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooh…. I WANT ONE!!!!

  3. NancyTex says:

    I was a sworn not-cat-person (sounds so much better than cat hater), and then we had a cat come lice with us last summer. Now hubby (who was an even bigger not-cat-person than me), is hunting for a cat to bring home. I’m almost ready to cave… Help me!

    • Hehehehe! Given that you travel, cats are a better fit.

      My partner would ideally love a dog but we both know it simply isn’t fair – apartment living with walks just isn’t the same as having access to a backyard to romp and play in everyday plus giant parks to run free. And then kennels for when we are both away? Nope, can’t do it.

      Whereas Zoe even in her little three month life has already become accustomed to her human being away for a bit, just being checked on regularly without any mishap.

      And you should see my partner with her? She has him COMPLETELY under her spell. 🙂

    • TheLastWord says:

      Call me… I am starting a helpline for those under the influence or likely to succumb. 🙂

  4. We are servants to an adorable 6 month old kitten/cat. I don’t really have any general tips. They are pretty easy I believe. You might become a cat lady for life after your first 😉

    • Oh how marvellous!! There is something about having a kitten/cat from its younger time that fosters a different kind of bond than adopting later in life. 🙂

      Zoe isn’t my first. Just the first pet for my partner and I together. I earlier had a terrific pair of cats that remained behind in Canada and alas are no more.

  5. I think there is some Siamese in the mix there! The ears, the long limbs and nose. Best advice when they are small is do not play with them with your bare hands – always use a toy instead. Or your feet/toes – no one wants to be attacked by a playful cat in their sleep. For a long and healthy life make sure she gets plenty of water, too. I find that cats like ‘surprise water’: ie a glass or bowl in an unusual place. Gee I could go on for ages, I’ve had cats beside me my entire 44 years of life!

    • When I was warming my partner up to the idea of a cat, asked if he had any preferences. He wanted a siamese. So.. we have the stray equivalent. 🙂

      As for the feet / toes advice – that is her one ‘bad’ habit – she thinks feet and lower limbs when moving are meant to be her chewing toy! So every time she goes for our ankles, she gets a stern no… followed by some very positive play action with her toys.

      As for the ‘surprise’ water, I find the trick is to do that in specific dishes else they are liable to lap up your water or other liquid libations. 🙂

      Keep that advice going anytime!

  6. Sweet! She is lovely – and seasons greetings and happy new year as well as new cat!
    I have a cat called Milly. She is evil but we love her. She lulls you into a state of cuddly purring bliss and then just turns round and bites you for no reason – then expects to be stroked again! It is like some strange kind of cat s&m petting her but still I can’t resist my furry temptress and even feed her posh cat food now and again.
    The question is will she remain the ship’s cat when we move back to Mumbai or will she stow away? How much does it even cost to transport a cat to India? I shudder to think!

    • Merry ho ho n all that jazz!!! Can’t wait til you are back in Mumbai!!!!

      Gotta admit when I moved back to India in 2003, had a pair of cats in Canada. Mishka and Shiku had been with me for nearly 8 years! It was hard to leave them behind, however as I wasn’t sure whether would make a ‘go’ of it here, knew couldn’t bring with…

      I also knew the kind of lifestyle they had in Canada – a great big old 100 year old house with stairs, a porch, and even access to a backyard with trees – simply would not be possible cooped up in a small apartment in India. So I knew moving here would not be fair to them.

      However with Milly it is at least a direct flight, as opposed to 30 hours of travel and the import into India isn’t that difficult. It is the ‘export’ that becomes more problematic with quarantines, etc.

      Let me know what you decide with your furry temptress as your plans evolve! 🙂

  7. I’m melting! I adore cats and would have several if not for my allergy to them. Boo hoo!

    • This little munchkin captivated us instantly when she came for her ‘play date’ before making the move to her new home.

      She’s right now discovering a balcony… we kept everything closed the 1st day so she got accustomed to the ‘indoors’. Now she has supervised access to one balcony with plants and birds, oh my! She’s having a blast. 🙂

      • Ha ha! “Supervised access.” I love it! Has she started eating any of your shoes, yet?

        • She hasn’t yet discovered the shoe cupboard by the door. The lower shelves are too full for her to get into so it will only be if she manages to get herself into the much higher shelves that she will find them. 🙂

          However our ankles? Let’s just say she came to us with a habit that will be unlearnt. Slowly… over time… My feet and ankle have enough mosquito bites! Don’t need to add kitten bites to the mix. Hehehe!

          • Ha ha! Yes! And those kitten teeth and nails are not something to mess with! My friend growing up had a white cat named Penelope. Her nickname was Pit Bull Cat. She used to attack everyone except for my friend’s mom. My friend liked pom pom socks and her cat would shred them off. That cat drew blood *through* my mother’s stockings and I refused to check on their house when they were away. My mom only did it with a broom in hand! What a crazy animal. On the other hand, our cat growing up was a hilarious softie. She was a dream!

            • Yikes!! Now there is no way our little munchkin will be permitted to grow into a Pit Bull Cat!

              She’s already reduced her biting in just a couple of days of loud “Ouch!” reactions and walking away from her (i.e. depriving of her adoring slaves). Then when she comes to us without any biting, reward with vigorous play session throwing her toys for her favourite game of fetch. We get that she is just an energetic kitten who needs to let loose her inner huntress…

              One of my last cats as a kitten also wanted to bite and use her nails but with consistent ‘this is GOOD play’ and ‘this is NO NO’, 99% stopped.

              By comparison, Zoe is already is quite mannerly. And we’ll do what it takes from our side to ensure she’s no ‘Penelope’. 🙂

            • ha ha! Yes, please don’t raise a Penelope. The world only needs one. 😀 It sounds like Zoe is wonderfully well behaved! It’s amazing that a few strong words were all that were needed for her and for your last cat.

              Our last cat was hilarious when it came to rules. My dad came across this tip somewhere to lay down tin foil to stop cats from going into rooms. So there we were, all lined up in front of the dining room with a big strip of tin foil on the carpet. We plonked Trinket down in front of the foil and my dad looked especially triumphant. Trinket looked at us, looked at the foil, looked at us, looked at the foil, paused, and then happily flew over the tin foil and then burrowed back underneath it. Yay! You gave me a new toy! The look on my dad’s face was priceless.

            • Hahahah!!! As soon as I read tin foil knew it was doomed. Favourite toy of a friends cat remains tin foil. I even bunched up some into a ball for Zoe and she had a blast playing with it!

              Her latest ‘trick’ which floored me is she has actually ‘put away’ her toys into her toy hamper a couple of times?! Never seen that from a cat before…

              Alas the biting comes and goes and we haven’t fully broken her of the habit…. suspect after we get her fixed will reduce further.

              Overall she’s pretty good and a complete delights. Perish the thought of a duplicate Penelope! 🙂

            • Really?! Zoe puts her tosy away?! That’s incredible! And very cool.

            • The first time she did it, I thought it was a complete fluke! Then the next day, she put more toys next to her toy hamper… and realised she actually knows what she’s doing! Never seen a cat do that before.

  8. TheLastWord says:

    Oh dear! Another one lost to the dark side…

  9. Marta says:

    Hehe, that’s a cute cat and a nice Christmas present 😛 I am a dog owner so I am the one in charge, haha, not her!

  10. Awfully cute!!! How lovely you took her on as well. You both are winners.

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