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Zoe’s becoming a woman!

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I don’t know how many folks out there have pets… or lived with a cat in HEAT… however we’ve gone from being new kitten slaves to managing a horny little munchkin in under a month!

And she is hilarious!

You weren't reading that, were you?

You weren’t reading that, were you?

Let’s just say I have new insight into the phrase ‘heavy petting’.

Poor little thing… when that saucy moment hits, she squirms, she rolls around, rubs against anything and everything, she has paroxysms of imaginary passion, wriggling desperately for something she doesn’t quite understand.

And the sounds? Thankfully none of the gawdawful caterwauling cats are known for…

Instead she squeeks, chirps, trills, chatters, warbles, whines, groans and puuuurrrrrs like there is no tomorrow! Interspersed are a few rather plea full mornful meeeeoooowllls!

Cannot keep still!! Cannot...

Cannot keep still!! Cannot…

At times, the ONLY thing that helps is serious heavy petting. We, as kitten slaves, have a very important job to NOT STOP petting until the moment subsides.

We’re happy to indulge because this will be her one and only heat… After this, she’s gonna get a little operation done.

In the meantime, time to go pet our kitten again and again and again!!

Before hormones hit... so innocent!

Before hormones hit… so innocent!



  1. NancyTex says:

    Get on that operation…STAT! 🙂

  2. Reminds me of my last Portuguese lesson… my teacher’s cat is in heat. And it was indeed hilarious. An added comedic element was provided by the presence of her other cat, a chubby and somewhat cantankerous neutered tom, who, of course, could not fathom what on earth she was so desperately trying to get him to do 😉

    In German, a cat “on heat” is “rollig” – you’ll understand how that adjective came about.

  3. Reminds me on my bunnies…not that they require heavy petting but they do tend to get “fake pregnancies” and build up nests in their cage by using grass, straw and tons of their own hairs which they rip out 😮

  4. Marta says:

    Poor thingie! I have never had a cat so I don’t know how cat heats are. But my (female) dog started grabbing legs a few months ago… so annoying!

  5. Hope it stops! They are quite the handful when denied that thing they don’t know they want so badly. My last female cat didn’t stop for ages… the dog was very confused as to why he was being hit on!

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