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Ms Zoe has a gentleman caller…

Some of you may know we were adopted by an amusing little feline – Ms Zoe Moonlit Zappa

Did you want this box?

She pranced into our home nearly two years ago, stole our hearts and wound her way into the fabric of our lives.

Yet Zoe is very much a solo cat… aside from her very early days on the streets of Bandra, she’s had no acquaintance with others of her kind.

In came Mr Quantum or “Q” as he’s affectionately called.

“I think I’ve had enough…”

He’s another Bandra street urchin… rescued by a Dutch friend in a lane near our home when he was being used as a cricket bat. Seriously.

Just a few weeks ago, his rescuer, initial mom (who then discovered she is allergic to cats) and I were caught exchanging Q pictures and stories at a party. All that was missing was his current keeper!

Who naturally adores him to bits as he’s a most amiable lovable guy. Which is why he’s with us… she’s traveling at the moment and we decided to experiment bringing our two solos cats together.

“I’ll take my belly rub + massage now please”

We’re on our 2nd round of Q coming to the “Smith-Hickling cat spa & resort.”

Let me be honest, Zoe isn’t thrilled about this interloper in her home. However the guest room has been allocated as ‘his’ territory… which she respects.

1st contact…

From the initial “Who the heck are you!” to wary curiosity, to some bravado of hissing and growls, they’ve again settled into scampering about the flat and even being the occasional fridge buddies.

“Who are you looking at?”

Yes – he really is more than double her size but she more than holds her own!

And at night, they call a truce… as snuggling is an important part of keeping humans. And both Ms Zoe and her gentleman caller Q wouldn’t want to be caught being derelict in their duties!

Other adventures of Ms Zoe:


Zoe Moonlit Zapa’s 1st Birthday

So we don’t actually know when Zoe’s first birthday really is. The vet’s estimate post rescue was likely October…. sometime…

Me?? I would NEVER get into trouble!

Baby Zoe…

See our precious little princess was a stray. Initially brought home by one person, then adopted by another before prancing and pouncing into our home as a gangly pre-teen on Boxing Day aka 26 Dec 2015.

We adore her to bits… and there is little doubt when she comes to curl up for a cuddle, Zoe kinda likes us too. (more…)

Our great escape artist…

So Boxing Day came with a bonus… wee Zoe pranced into our lives.

My suave debonaire partner can be caught showing off pet pics! Yes… we are completely in her spell – hook, line & sinker.

We even ‘cat proofed’ our home with pigeon netting so she could play in the plants, bask in the sunshine, feel connected with the outside without the perils of actually getting out.

Or so we thought…

Except she is a remarkable little escape artist.

Zoe, climbing queen

Zoe, climbing queen


Zoe’s becoming a woman!

I don’t know how many folks out there have pets… or lived with a cat in HEAT… however we’ve gone from being new kitten slaves to managing a horny little munchkin in under a month!

And she is hilarious!

You weren't reading that, were you?

You weren’t reading that, were you?

Let’s just say I have new insight into the phrase ‘heavy petting’.


Boxing Day Bonus!

This Boxing Day came with an extra bonus.

It was the day our new kitten came home. Her previous human is heading back to the US, so she’s sauntered with a swish of her long tail into our hearts.

Yes… I’m liable to be a crazy cat lady for some time.

Here is lil Zoe at her original human’s home…

Me?? I would NEVER get into trouble!

Me?? I would NEVER get into trouble! I’m too cute!


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