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Tokyo Day 3 / Shanghai Day 1 – Travel time!

My July 2014 Tokyo Chapter closed uneventfully with the usual travel routine of wake-up, breakfast, check-out, flight and off to my next stop – Shanghai – with an extra bonus!!

Tokyo Day 3

Thanks to the practical and sound advice of a very knowledgeable traveler, I booked my flight out of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and entered China at Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport. (more…)


Tokyo Day 2 – Work, Water + Whisky

After an interesting though less ambitious Day 1 than planned… welcome to Tokyo Day 2!

I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a good dose of snnnnnz!


After all the pre-program warnings about needing to meticulously prepare (with impeccable timing!), I found it rather amusing that we could not access the room early to set-up and the projector didn’t work! Tried a few combinations with my laptop, another participant’s laptop and then efforts to get another projector were initiated… (more…)

Tokyo Day 1 – Wandering around Shinjuku Nichō

I promised a few more details and pics of my Japan trip… so here goes!

Before I left Mumbai, I consulted with a friend who lives in Tokyo for what to do in my ONE free day… His advice was:

  • Airport to hotel only long enough to check-in and dump bags
  • Head straight to Tsukiji – Fish Market – noting that while I would miss the really active early morning, even the outer edge is remarkable
  • Walk to the Hamarikyu Gardens and have the maccha green tea
  • Take a boat from there to the Asakusa Kannon temple
  • Catch the subway back to the Hotel
  • Nap (he’s done enough overnight Tokyo – Mumbai trips to know!)
  • Go to the Robo Bar for the evening’s entertainment

It sounded ambitious but amusing.

And the reality? Far from the recommendations! (more…)

Whirlwind work trip – Tokyo chapter

In July 2014 I went on this crazy whirlwind work trip that took me from Jakarta to Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo then Shanghai back to KL and home to Mumbai for a short bit before heading off again to Jakarta!

Thanks to still having mobility issues at that time, I could not explore with my usual verve and vigour… instead hobbled carefully along with my trusty cane.

While short, it was a fabulous trip and when hosting our February Japanese themed whisky tasting session, was reminded of how much I enjoyed those couple of days in Japan. (more…)

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