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Whisky Lady – March Maltiness

As March heated up in Mumbai, Whisky Lady sampling also kept pace…

All three tasting groups had some real gems and discoveries! I also finished the Canadian samples, brushed off posts from the archives and shared an article published in MansWorld (yes I do write for others from time to time).

It also marked two milestones – over 2,000 followers and nearly 200 posts! (more…)


Cricket fever in Mumbai

Folks who know me well know that sports just isn’t my thing.

After decades in India, I have yet to be converted to a cricket fan.

So imagine the surprise that I… someone who doesn’t follow cricket landed up at a coveted T20 cricket match in Mumbai. The game was a few days ago when West Indies trounced England.

Tonight most of India will be glued to their TVs… tonight the fate of the India team will be decided… tonight I almost wish we still had cable… I may not have cricket fever but I’m curious to know what happens!

T20 England vs West Indies

T20 England vs West Indies, Wankhede Stadium

Other Sunday Snaps:

Incredible quiet… Happy Holi!

Blissful silence.

Yes it is already silly hot but there is something worth any sweat.

There is silence. Only the sound of the birds.

You have no idea how extraordinary that is!

Even the happy squeals of children playing Holi throwing powdered colours in the morning is gone.

And with water shortages, increased awareness about the toxicity in some dyes, this is a new and improved Holi with minimum mess.

Can you imagine? Some folks even played holi by throwing flower petals?

When you have lived with almost non-stop construction for years… the incredible calm of a full day holiday with ZERO noise is immense!

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Our great escape artist…

So Boxing Day came with a bonus… wee Zoe pranced into our lives.

My suave debonaire partner can be caught showing off pet pics! Yes… we are completely in her spell – hook, line & sinker.

We even ‘cat proofed’ our home with pigeon netting so she could play in the plants, bask in the sunshine, feel connected with the outside without the perils of actually getting out.

Or so we thought…

Except she is a remarkable little escape artist.

Zoe, climbing queen

Zoe, climbing queen


Irrational moments

Blame it on PMS or just ordinary life stress, but there are a few things liable to get you a ‘blow up’ reaction from me.

Computer issues and financial admin angst are my fatal flaws. I admit it.

If something wonky happens with a Microsoft application, I will be transformed from a completely rational human being into a raving lunatic with tech support!

And financial issues?

Few know this but I’m actually sorta kinda in this space. My professional work is consulting with an emphasis on the people element of the equation. My domain specialisation is, believe it or not, financial services and I regularly work with banks, insurance & mutual fund companies, brokers and more with my playground Asia Pacific, not just India.

So when things go wrong with financial services… I normally treat it like an amusing game. I see what unfolds before escalating through contacts to get things accomplished. (more…)

Night sky in Singapore

While I am completely happy in our home in Mumbai, we do not have a ‘view’. Our choice of location was motivated purely by practicality – close to the highway to scoot to the airport or other parts and close to my partner’s mother.

On my December trip to Singapore, I stayed one night with a friend in ‘CBD’. We went to see the documentary ‘Naked DJ‘ at the Singapore International Film Festival then returned to this view. It was a most enjoyable evening sitting and chatting on the rather large balcony, with the evening lights our backdrop.

2015-12-02 Singapore Night

I’ve had the privilege of many fabulous views on my stays in various cities. Do you have a favourite?

Other Sunday Snaps:

Brazil beckons – what to do?

My partner and I decided to do something quite uncharacteristic. Actually plan a trip. As in advance plan. As in a trip which is purely for pleasure prompted by a friend’s wedding with zero work or family connect.

So far all we know is we need to be at Praia de Balneário Camboriú early December 2016.

Beyond that we know nothing. Have decided nothing. And are open to all possibilities.

Balneario Camboriu at night (praias-sc.com)

Balneario Camboriu at night (praias-sc.com)

Couples who travel together well tend to have one who delights in the planning process, figuring out options, tracking down great places to try, things to do. The other may have ideas which the planner takes into consideration, but is happiest just going along for the ride, enjoying the moment.

The challenge is between my partner and I, neither of us are the planning types.

Our travel tends to have a fixed requirement – work or family or event – where we throw in a dash of pleasure and detour or two for good measure. It also tends to be places where one or the other has some experience in the destination.

By contrast, our trips can also be completely impromptu jaunts to join friends in an amusing location where the ‘planning’ stage is restricted to reaching the destination – like my trips to Amsterdam, Goa and Vietnam.

Which works great for us and we have terrific travels – together and solo.

Til now…

Going all the way from India to Brazil means we cannot stop at the wedding alone! Noo… we simply MUST do something more. Who knows when we will next make it all the way to South America. Neither of us have ever been. But what? Where to start? What to do?

From Brazil, talk with another friend coming from India for the wedding turned to potential adventures in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador… um…

Clearly we need to do some research!

Any suggestions of  “must do” activities in Brazil? And “Wouldn’t it be fabulous to try…” in the region?

Cristo Luz (Wiki)

Cristo Luz (Wiki)

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Mmmmm mangosteens! In Bangkok

When you travel a lot, little extras in places you rest your weary head start to make a difference. Like a luscious exotic fruit plate.

What is even nicer is when there is a little help to navigate the delicacies offered… like this hotel from a stay in Bangkok in 2013 that had a menu card with explanation, how to eat and what you could expect trying the fruit.

Hotel fruit plate

The SukhoThai’s fruit plate

Me? I sooooo knew what I was diving into! From that tempting bowl, I went straight for the mangosteens.

Mangosteens have been a favourite since I first strolled with a friend in Singapore through a market in China Town. She made me buy a full bag – warning me that I would never be able to stop with just one.

She was completely right!

That sweet, tangy, juicy oh so yummy fruit… I’m craving it right now just looking at these photos, imagining that plump white pulp bursting into flavour in my mouth.


Mangosteen demolished

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Bangkok – Going once, twice, thrice!

Do you have a place where you have never quite managed to spend more than a couple of days?

In fairness to Thailand, I’ve yet to do justice to this remarkable country in even one trip! Without a doubt, food is fabulous, folks I’ve met terribly considerate and I’ve only had positive experiences. It is my fault I have yet to truly explore… (more…)

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