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How to have a hippy princess holiday!

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Sometimes a gal just needs to release her inner hippy child to cavort with her princess streak to enjoy a few fabulous days of bliss in Goa!

How… you ask?

Fly Business Class

In footloose fancy free hippy mode, decide to fly last-minute, pack only a small bag of comfy casual clothes but…

Then out pops the princess with business class for a mere 1 hour flight (ok one was a première seat sale practically the same price as eco & the other was eco bumped up with a nearly expiring upgrade voucher… why waste, eh?)

Going to Goa

Does this bag deserve biz class?

Stay cheap but get spoilt!

Be blessed with friends who arrange comfortable accommodations for nearly nothing (under $4 which then was treated!) complete with delightful private green alcove of trees, flowers, hammocks. Add a brilliant bonus of piping hot coffee, fresh coconut from the garden and breakfast on surfacing from slumber before a hop, skip and a jump from plunging into the water for a swim! Can we say pampered convenience??

Hit the beach!

Hit the beach!

Have a 5 star 5 hour lunch

Enjoy a leisurely lunch in Aswem with an enchanting songstress from Canada and an Indian film, TV and stage star…. swishing barefoot on the sand while the world came to pay homage…

Naturally with a phenomenal spread with French influenced gastronomic delights from mango and beetroot carpacio, mackerel with salsa on toast, roasted pepper with anchovy, insanely good platter of all sorts of vegetarian nibbles, fresh salad and a ridiculously indulgent chocolate thali of deserts.

Ooh baby! Bring on the indulgence!

Ooh baby! Bring it on!


Go on an adventures from Morjim to Arambol complete with beach side market chock full of wanderers from around the world, a contortionist and more!

What wares appeal to thee?

What wares appeal to thee?

Have hippy flashbacks to countless Winnipeg Folk Festival campground all night drum jams… then cue gorgeous sunsets, lapping waves, swaying palm trees to be transported back to Goa…

Every night in Arambol...

Every night in Arambol…

Wine, women and song…

Be plied with a divine Shiraz complements of a master distiller – delivered from South to North Goa with thoughtful inclusion of an opener (we ARE on a beach after all!)… A wine so good that it fooled Europeans, South and North American connoisseurs into amazement that it is from… India?!

Be delighted with friends – old and new – four decades of amazing Canadian women from coast to coast who have traversed the globe to land up in Goa. Add a few more nationalities, each involved in interesting endeavours, and you have quite the ensemble to entertain!

Be serenaded by sax and Spanish guitarists… as the evening sea breeze filled with desultory conversation, laughter, food, wine and more until the whim to move on moved us…

We have some croonin in the shack tonight!

We have some croonin’ in the shack tonight!

Laze around but get noticed…

Flounce the next day on a hot pink hammock and read… The princess element? Have an innocent instagram result in the author being alerted to your reading habits!

Pssst! Guess what she's reading??

Pssst! Guess what she’s reading??

Sun, sand and swimming

Enjoy a sultry day… frolicking in the waves, wandering along the beach, nibbling, sipping and eventually slipping away for the journey back her castle in Bombay… with a charioteer kindly arranged by her companions in advance!

Truly incredibly blessed with amazing friends that made every moment a delight – even being amused and amazed at the beach yogini doing her near naked yoga routine!

Yogini doing her routine roasting

Yogini doing her routine roasting in the Goan sun

Best of all?

Come home to a prince!

(OK I may have taken slightly liberal license in interpretation but… you get the picture!)

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  1. Karolyn Cooper says:

    That yoga lady is mad. I wonder what happens when the tide comes in, and her head is at sea level.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. Chocolate thali! Yum! and everything else too.

    • Oh man! That chocolate thali at La Plage was to die for! Made even more sinful as I’ve eschewed deserts for the last month or so… This was falling off the wagon BIG time… and worth every sinful morsel!

  3. Sounds fabulous! Everything a Hippy Princess needs.

  4. Sounds like an awesome vacation 🙂 Since sun is out and rather bright for an untrained eye after months of greyness, I was kind of tempted to go check if maybe by some magic winter was gone while reading all about sun ‘n fun in Goa. Nope, still winter though rather out of breath already here and no vacation days any time soon

    • It was so lovely and sunny that even my 85 sunblock couldn’t keep a bit of a burn away! So gorgeous in the water never wanted to come out. 🙂 Let’s send a little sunshine your way, shall we??

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