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“Let’s go out for dinner!” aka the Puncak un-plan…

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If someone says to you “Let’s go out for dinner Saturday”… you can be forgiven for having visions of a civilized sit down dinner, a glass of wine, a little desultory conversation..

However, that’s vastly underestimating my friends.

What did we do?

Hop in the car and drive from Jakarta to Puncak… braving macet in the city and macet on the winding road up to Puncak pass.

For those unfamiliar, Puncak is up in the hills surrounded by fragrant tea plantations, cool fresh air and apparently spectacular views.

Our goal was to reach Puncak for dinner… however encountered the usual traffic snarls (macet) to get to the toll highway. Then more macet after the highway as two lanes jostled to become one.

We reached our destination after midnight… so naturally both the Puncak Pass Resort was closed…. as was Rindu Alam… so then what?

This is Indonesia… of course you can get fabulous food at any time!

First stop… a little fresh made then fried tahu (tofu)…

20140914_004441 (576x1024) 20140914_004927 (576x1024) 20140914_010111 (576x1024)

Followed by piping hot indomie soup…

20140914_004108 (1024x576) 20140914_010315 (1024x576)

A pit stop for some fruit n veggies…

20140914_015717 (576x1024)20140914_015959 (576x1024)

My purchase? Yummy mangosteens!

20140914_145352 (1024x576)

And we found ourselves back on the road. And back into more macet even at 2am!

Reached the hotel after 4am, tired, full and absolutely satisfied with our little evening jaunt.

Always good to go for a little spin, feasting with friends. As my current project winds up, appreciate that I am soooooo going to miss Indonesia and these impromptu un-plans!

When was the last time you went for a little late night drive?

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  1. Fried tofu looks superb, not bought any for ages, that tempts me to add it to tomorrow’s shopping list. A bit like fried tempeh with dipping sauces.

    Not sure I wd have gone for the indomie unless it was a vegetarian one!

    • There is nothing like something fresh & hot! We had sauce too with the green chillies.

      The Indomie was vegetarian – if you eat egg. 🙂

      Which is my variation of pescetarianism (is that even a word??)

      • I thought indomie was often linked with chicken or seafood, but tbh it’s not something I eat. Now green chilli sauce, yum!

        Egg, occasionally if it’s free range, organic, or from my chickens. Because I know how they live 🙂

        I think it probably is a word, don’t see why not. We were pescy after giving up meat, and we’ve had vegan phases too, me moreso than him, but it does help when you can buy decent products. Given up eating out. It’s a no-hoper!

        • Can be… Indomie is really just instant noodles jazzed up however you like! 😉

          Alas in my nomadic urban existence sticking with organic home cooked food is… well… near impossible!

          I never knew how spoilt I was growing up eating practically everything out of the garden or the autumn rituals of preserving so that our spaghetti sauce in February would be with tomatoes grown that summer!

  2. Mangosteens! I love them!!!

  3. Karolyn Cooper says:

    The food looks lovely, but what about the apparently spectacular views? You were there at night? No views?

    • I thought of posting my night shots – basically black and more black and a bit more black. The tea plantations aren’t exactly lit up at night for show n tell. 🙂 But what I could see but my camera couldn’t capture was lovely.

      The biggest benefit was my happy lungs breathing in what seemed to me to be unpolluted air!

  4. Trimakasi! Welcome back!!!

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