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Give the gift… of your opinion please!

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In many countries around the world, cash registers are working overtime and folks are trudging through streets and malls scouring for the perfect gift for that special someone, obligatory family member or “Secret Santa” at work.

Xmas tree 2013 (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Xmas tree 2013 (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Now we are all multi-faceted creatures with a variety of interests – our gifts and gift giving reflects this. And this blog is no exception, particularly as it is a purely personal indulgence. However as I was poking around the statistics for the upcoming 3rd quarter summary, I thought comments from family and friends that “Hey I loved that!” or “That’s totally not my thing so I ignore posts about…”

Rather than make a wild guess or totally piss off all ya super cool readers out there, I would love to hear what YOU want more / less of… I’ve broadly divided along the lines of the blog’s categories.

As a bit of background:

  • I’ve noted that the most plentiful and popular posts tend to be those about every day life (gee…. like that’s kinda the core point of this blog, eh?)
  • And discovering differences (or similarities) generate the most comments
  • I’ll admit that some of the “Music Musings” posts do not get a lot of views but I’m such a junkie – especially live music – with eclectic global tastes that you just may be ‘stuck’ with the occasional post
  • Naturally travel is also a core theme and I recently started a sub-category for stories that touch on a particular country – Canada, India, Indonesia with more to come!
  • Whereas the “Whisky” postings get traction yet even I appreciate has a select audience and may merit a spin-off blog

So pretty please, may I have the gift of your opinion? There are two parts – likes and dislikes – you can select more than one response and even add a suggestion! Naturally comments / replies welcome too. 🙂

Of course this experiment will be a complete flop if you don’t participate so… in advance MANY THANKS for your gift. Happy to reciprocate anytime! And for those of you enjoying the festive season – happy holidays!


Carissa Hickling aka Every Day Adventures in Asia (mostly!)



  1. Karolyn Cooper says:

    These polls are fun, aren’t they? I am now obsessed with the votes for the best photo on my blog. And annoyed that three photos are tied for first place.

  2. Well… I think a blog should reflect what YOU like and what YOU’RE about. Not every reader is going to be equally interested in everything. Can’t please everybody with every post. Keep doing what you’re doing is my advice 🙂 I love your blog! …you can always throw in a few more kittens, lol.

  3. I second the kittens. Haha. Although I may never read your whisky or music posts, I just scroll past those and read the rest; it doesn’t stop me from enjoying your blog and many of your posts. So yeah, I voted to post whatever you want. I agree with ladyofthecakes.

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