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“Whaddya want?” Bookshelves?!

We are about to renew our lease for another three years and decided it was time to make a few changes.

Coincidentally, it is around the time of our birthdays too.

So when my partner insisted I say what I wanted this year, my response was none of the typical stuff…

No sirree! What did I want? What did I really want?

Bookshelves… (more…)

Give the gift… of your opinion please!

In many countries around the world, cash registers are working overtime and folks are trudging through streets and malls scouring for the perfect gift for that special someone, obligatory family member or “Secret Santa” at work.

Xmas tree 2013 (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Xmas tree 2013 (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Now we are all multi-faceted creatures with a variety of interests – our gifts and gift giving reflects this. And this blog is no exception, particularly as it is a purely personal indulgence. However as I was poking around the statistics for the upcoming 3rd quarter summary, I thought comments from family and friends that “Hey I loved that!” or “That’s totally not my thing so I ignore posts about…”

Rather than make a wild guess or totally piss off all ya super cool readers out there, I would love to hear what YOU want more / less of… I’ve broadly divided along the lines of the blog’s categories. (more…)

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