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Jakarta Journeys…

It is time to stock up on tolakangin, Toraja, Lampung and other coffees, perhaps even some Indomie for a friend… yes I’m on a plane back to Jakarta.

I spent most of December 2016 in Jakarta… long days, late nights but thoroughly worth the time investment. At that point, I thought my job was done and didn’t expect to return until a new project began.

However thanks to some creative re-allocation of who does what, I’m delighted to be back -even if it is just a quick trip!

I’m looking forward to returning to my favourite serviced apartment tonight, catching up with friends mid-week…

Then hopping on another plane to Singapore to check-in on company related matters, re-stock on interesting whiskies, hopefully catch-up with even more friends… mayhap a business meeting too if can swing it!

In short, I’m delighted to be back in the air, doing what I enjoy and hope this trip leads to even more such opportunities…


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Sunday at Como Park, Kemang… Jakarta adventures

Everyday Asia has been quiet for an understandable reason – I’ve been pre-occupied with a project in Indonesia for a couple of months. When not in Indonesia, I have  either been in Singapore or Mumbai or somewhere in between.

There has been lots of activities and not much “down time.”

Even weekends have been packed with things like Whisky Live in Singapore or cramming four social events into a single evening home in Mumbai.

Until the long weekend. In Jakarta.

Naturally I had delusions of being able to go on adventures outside of Jakarta… maybe Yogyakarta and Borobudur or other places…

Naturally I also did not book anything in advance… So by the time I tried to fix on a plan, most places that looked reasonable were full.


Watch out Jakarta!!

I’m coming back!!! To say that I missed being in Jakarta is putting it rather mildly…

After a nearly two year hiatus, I finally have another project back in Indonesia. (insert image of mad happy dancing)

Can’t wait to be re-united with the guys and dig into the work!

No wasting time apartment hunting – chose a serviced apartment walking (hopefully not stumbling!) distance from the project office in Kuningan. Almost booked at my last Jakarta ‘stay-cation‘ spot, however bagged a slightly better deal nearby.

How fab is it to have a pool ALL to myself!!

Where I’m not staying this trip…

I also can’t wait to see a couple crazy friends… earlier trips resulted in an ad voice over (“Can you drop the Indian accent!“), overnight drive just for 1am dinner at a hill station, joined family time in Bandung and a slightly random road trip in Java.

I expect there will be an art amble, some Friday night fun with gal pals, malls can’t be avoided so will use these forays to stock up on a years supply of tolak angan!

And the food – OMG!! There will be feasting fit into all the focused work…


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A sick chick’s top 5 global cold weapons!

At the moment, I am feeling so miserable… all the posts I planned to write… let’s just say I can’t bring myself to finish any of them. And work stuff? Gaakh!


I have one of those yucky seasonal monsoon colds. You know the kind. Where you can’t go even a minute without blowing your nose, sneeze uncontrollably, ache all over and generally feel like you were hit by a truck?

And I’m running terribly short of a secret weapon from Indonesia – tolak angin.

Which got me thinking about how there is such an amazing range of ‘local remedies’ around the world to help ease your suffering when sick. (more…)

Eid Mubarak!!!

For all my friends around the world who finally broke their fast – Eid Mubarak!!

There is no mistaking the joyous celebration that comes with Eid.


A couple of years ago I was in Indonesia during Lebaran (Ramadan). I will never forget meeting a friend at a mall, lining up for food with the throngs. All places to sit were full, plates heaping with delicious smelling feasts.. with everyone waiting.. waiting… waiting for the ‘gong’ to signal the sun had set and it was time to break the daily fast.

During that period, I stayed in a penthouse apartment in the central part of Jakarta. I had the most amazing view of the non-stop fireworks that started in the build-up to Eid then an ear splitting crescendo that kept roaring back over and over in jubilant bursts all night.


Back in Bandra, Mumbai, we live next door to a mosque. The call to prayers weaves its way into the daily fabric of our lives. So it was no surprise when the spattering of fireworks signalled it was finally time…

Even better. a friend from Karachi / London invited us to his mother’s home in Mumbai for the feast! It was a carnivores carnival of delight…

So to all my Muslim friends here (India), there (Indonesia) and all around the world – Eid Mubarak!!!

Celebration time!

Celebration time! (Islamicartdb.com)

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Diwali ‘ding dong!’ demands

Diwali is also the time where the “Ding dong!” of the doorbell never stops as everyone who provides any kind of service comes with hand extended for money money money! (more…)

Ambling along art in Jakarta

Part of my recent Jakarta staycation was a little ambling about… Which lead to my reaching the Ciputra Artrepreneur.

Now… honestly, tell me what you think about the following… (more…)

Saying “So long Jakarta!” with a stay-cation

Have you ever had a ‘staycation’? A vacation when you don’t really get ‘away’ but do escape from the drudgery of the daily work grind?

My part of the Jakarta project is winding up and this is my last trip to Indonesia. I was lucky enough to fit in a bit of a vacation before heading home to India.

Original plan was to head to an island and laze on a beach… however when there was a chance to catch up with an old friend and colleague in town from Hong Kong… decided to stick around Jakarta.

That’s when the ‘staycation’ fancy took hold. The tricks for a fab staycation (in my humble opinion) are: (more…)

“Let’s go out for dinner!” aka the Puncak un-plan…

If someone says to you “Let’s go out for dinner Saturday”… you can be forgiven for having visions of a civilized sit down dinner, a glass of wine, a little desultory conversation..

However, that’s vastly underestimating my friends.

What did we do?

Hop in the car and drive from Jakarta to Puncak… braving macet in the city and macet on the winding road up to Puncak pass. (more…)

Sleep deprived Sundays… a travellers lament!

I love traveling, experiencing new places, those random conversations that bring new perspectives and insights…

I also love being home with my partner, hanging out with friends, catching live music, theatre and more!

I also love Love LOVE lazy Sundays…. no alarm, wake up when you want, stretch, have that first blissful sip of cappuccino.

Thanks to my desire for both traveling/work and wanting to be home, I’ve given up most of my sleep-in Sundays! I’ve also learned a new trick – navigating international travel and working ‘abroad’ with an injury! A tenacious torn ligament dashed all normal dashing about at my usual pace…. grrr…… (more…)

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