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Sleep deprived Sundays… a travellers lament!

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I love traveling, experiencing new places, those random conversations that bring new perspectives and insights…

I also love being home with my partner, hanging out with friends, catching live music, theatre and more!

I also love Love LOVE lazy Sundays…. no alarm, wake up when you want, stretch, have that first blissful sip of cappuccino.

Thanks to my desire for both traveling/work and wanting to be home, I’ve given up most of my sleep-in Sundays! I’ve also learned a new trick – navigating international travel and working ‘abroad’ with an injury! A tenacious torn ligament dashed all normal dashing about at my usual pace…. grrr……

Up in the air - again!

Up in the air – again!

Limping to 4 countries in 8 days with a disability really IS nutso! However working contract to contract means that when there is an opportunity – you jump (or in my case one foot hop!).

I’m lucky enough to thoroughly enjoy the work I do, and even luckier to get it with the added bonus of it taking me to fabulous places – so injury or not – off I hobbled!

Mumbai to Jakarta (Sunday, 11 May 2014)

  • Re-wind… a month back was recovering in Mumbai… Eventually it was time to get back to Jakarta.
  • So early Sunday morning 11 May, I hauled myself out of bed to the airport where made full use of wheelchair services to get from Mumbai – Singapore – Jakarta.

Jakarta to Manila (Sunday, 25 May 2014)

  • Sipping my Malbec watching planes land from BGC, Manila, Philippines

    Watching planes land from BGC, Manila, Philippines

    But my journey did not end in Jakarta, my Sunday sleep-in was thwarted by an early morning alarm reminding me I need to warm up my stiff aching ankle for travel.

  • From the Jakarta serviced apartment to the airport, a flight to Manila and airport to the hotel to the rooftop bar, ended my day enjoying a balmy evening breeze sipping a civilized Malbec watching more planes land and take off…
  • Not such a bad way to end the day of travel…

Manila to Singapore (28 May 2014)

  • A productive Monday & Tuesday in Manila was followed by an early flight to Singapore on Wednesday.
  • Shocked friends and former colleagues with my spectacular limping abilities, sampled whiskies followed by food, friends and a quest for reliable Wi-Fi! (surprisingly challenging!).
  • Lucky me I stayed at a friend’s place on the East Coast – which meant many cab rides full of interesting conversations.
  • Did my job, caught up with more friends, even squeezed in a meeting for the Jakarta project and before I knew it – Friday evening arrived and back to the airport to whiz home to Mumbai!
Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

Singapore to Mumbai (late 30 May / early 31 May)

  • The new T2 International Airport art, Mumbai

    The new T2 International Airport art, Mumbai

    Let me put it on record – yes it IS worth it get home for only ONE day – you CAN pack a lot in!

  • In my case my one day included an intense physio session to arm me with more exercises and tips to continue to recover while traveling, sensible shoe shopping for the day I would no longer would require the cast, hair cut, checked out a possible space for a new project, banking, future flight fixing for upcoming trip to Tokyo and Shanghai….
  • Most important, quality partner time (swoon!)


Mumbai – Singapore – Jakarta (Sunday, 1 June 2014)

  • Sunday morning the alarm went off… groan… another day… another airport… another flight… another airport… another flight… another airport… and eventually another bed…

Jakarta (Sunday, 8 June 2014)

  • Fast forward a week – is it any wonder I slept in very late today? And am now revelling in remaining in bed looking out the window at a beautiful sunny Sunday in Jakarta… Should I get up?

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  1. No, don’t get up! Stay in bed all day. You deserve it 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Sundays were made for sleeping in and relaxing as prep for the week ahead.

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