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Beating Bombay Girls – Educating violence

For some time, our mostly reliable maid was consistently late.

Why? Her daughter wasn’t well so wasn’t going to school.

However there is more to the story of her daughter’s mysterious fevers, broken arm and absence from school. This sweet young girl fears going to school…

What happened? (more…)


4th Quarter Summary – Belated 1st Birthday Blog!

It seems that being locked out of your blog or grappling with the ‘white screen of death’ is a rite of passage with a WordPress blog. Throw in a busted ankle and you got it! I managed to miss the 1st birthday of “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)“! (more…)

Sleep deprived Sundays… a travellers lament!

I love traveling, experiencing new places, those random conversations that bring new perspectives and insights…

I also love being home with my partner, hanging out with friends, catching live music, theatre and more!

I also love Love LOVE lazy Sundays…. no alarm, wake up when you want, stretch, have that first blissful sip of cappuccino.

Thanks to my desire for both traveling/work and wanting to be home, I’ve given up most of my sleep-in Sundays! I’ve also learned a new trick – navigating international travel and working ‘abroad’ with an injury! A tenacious torn ligament dashed all normal dashing about at my usual pace…. grrr…… (more…)

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