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When love goes global, do governments agree?

If you go global with a life partnership with someone from a country different than the land of your birth or citizenship, things get more complicated.

And the ‘rules’ when you begin your life journey together with hope, joy and love can change over time…

  • So then, what happens if the government ‘guidelines’ change mid-play?
  • What if divorce and/or re-marriage are thrown into the mix?
  • Or even worse, what if your life partner passes on before you do…



Discovering hidden venues – “Charge” at Sitara Studio

On average we see a play once a week or so. The typical venues in Mumbai are NCPA, Prithvi Theatre, sometime one of the college theatres like Sophia or St Andrews.

However there are alternate venues too. We’ve seen theatre performed in someone’s living room or in the middle of a field at The Company Theatre in Kamshet.

Eric Kaiser's play Charge, directed by Yuki Ellias

Eric Kaiser’s play Charge, directed by Yuki Ellias

Last weekend, we were introduced to another venue – Sitara Studio in Dadar West – compliments of Eric Kaiser’s play “Charge“. The venue has this industrial warehouse feel perfect for a post apocalyptic play about a bed-ridden couple Martha and George who are obsessed with betting or chasing the illusion of reality with their whims and bodily needs catered to by their androids Gigi and Pierre. (more…)

6 Ways to Give to Nepal – Earthquake Relief

My heart goes out to all affected by the tragedy of the earthquakes in Nepal. VidaManejo has put together a list of six organisations that are working to make a difference.

6 Ways to Give to Nepal – Earthquake Relief.

8th Quarter Summary – Who said turning two is terrible??

I can’t believe that Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly) is now two years old!!

What an amazing journey so far! With folks from nearly 150 countries tuning in, over 33,000 views and 2,200 comments, 220+ posts, 867 followers and counting… I’m still amazed the semi-regular ramblings of a Canadian woman about her every day life in Asia is of interest. (more…)

Holi heat, wouldn’t it be nice to ice skate in Amsterdam?

After Holi, the temperature heats up in these parts. What that means now in Mumbai is getting increasingly warmer and humid. And if you are crazy enough to go out and about during the sunny day… let’s just say your sweat will sweat!

Oddly I used to be pretty ok with this. So I thought… til I realised that was because I used to work in nice air-conditioned offices and commute in my nice air-conditioned car. These days, operating from home and generally getting around by walking, rickshaws (and sometimes car) means no such daily respite.

Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT miss -40’c winter, and given a choice between sweating and freezing, I’ll take sweat! However there is a tiny part of me that can’t help but flirt with enjoying a little chill. (more…)

Delhi times.. they are a changin!

I was back in Delhi for a few days and lucky me – a friend ever so kindly offered to let me crash at his place in Safdarjung Development Area.

I was extra excited as this was my old ‘hood’ from Delhi days 2003 – 2005. So when I had a bit of time, decided to take a leisurely stroll.

My feet unerringly went towards one of my favourite walking routes… I started to remember its path… Begin at the delightful Rose Garden then carry on through to Deer Park. (more…)

Demolition gang!

Once upon a time there was a lovely little sanctuary. A cosy home much beloved by its inhabitants. Favourite of all was a delightful den where they would rest their weary heads each and every night.

Then along came the dastardly demolition gang who, with raw might, destroyed their happy little nest. No corner was immune to the unrelenting pounding and bashing!

Welcome to our new reality…What was only yesterday our bedroom. (more…)

Rescue of a damsel in distress with an interesting offer!

A funny thing happened recently…

I had a meeting just across the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and my partner ever so kindly said “Just take the Merc and driver!”

How lovely… until after my meeting I hopped in the car and it did NOT start. Thirty minutes later it was quite clear nothing we did would bring a positive result.

My partner suggested I catch a cab home while he sorted out coordinating with mechanics, towing guys and driver on the phone. After all, we had a book launch to attend and there wasn’t anything I could do to help with the poor chariot.

Which is how I came to be standing sweating by the side of the road. Trying to catch a cab in rush hour. On a Friday evening. For a relatively short driving distance. Across the bridge. Where walking is not permitted.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Let’s just say it wasn’t happening. I was well and truly stranded.

I was about to give up and call my partner to rescue me with my car… when up ran a friend offering a lift. (more…)

Maidless in Mumbai

Pssssst! We have a dirty little secret!

We’ve been without a maid in Mumbai for the better part of a month.

When I mention that to anyone who lives here… or has lived here… they are aghast! It is unimaginable that one survives without ‘help’.

“How are managing?” “What about all the dust and dirt?” “What happened?!”

And for those who are unfamiliar with life in India:

“What is the fuss about?” “We’ve never had a maid!” “You had someone clean for you?! I want that!!”

Truth be told, it made us realise how lazy we’d become. (more…)

ABCD vs CBAD – “You don’t belong here!”

Most would have heard of American Born Confused Desi (ABCD)… but what about CBAD? Canadian Born Adopted Desi?

No one fits into a simple description. Country of origin and cultural heritage are just a couple of pieces of a very complex puzzle that makes up a person and then distinct people into a community.

I enjoy stories of others, like me, with a longer term embrace of a country other than the land of their birth. Beyond the traditional ‘expat’ is something else. In my case, if it was the reverse – India to Canada – I would be considered an ‘immigrant’. Comfortably settled into my ‘adopted’ country where my everyday ‘lingo’, cultural reference points, life experience and reality is… well… Indian.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I tried to join a forum for India bloggers. I’ve seen it featured on many blogs I enjoy so thought – why not give it a whirl?

Apparently I don’t belong. (more…)

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