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“It was a pleasure not sleeping with you!” – Part 1

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Tumbling exhausted but enriched out of the car, a tight hug, we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

Hello truck! En route to Kamshet, Maharashtra

Hello truck! En route to Kamshet, Maharashtra

We’d spent the last 18 hours together – including an intimate all night experience…

It started innocently enough…

A month or so ago my partner said “Love – just block your calendar for 1st – 2nd March, ok?”

I blindly responded with an enthusiastic “Sure!” Clueless of what would come…

When I learnt the weekend was an outdoor festival many miles from Mumbai with an unknown creature comforts quotient went “Hmmm…”

Allow me to remind folks, my partner’s style is more 5 star than backpacking. If he must camp, glamping (glamorous camping) is the preferred approach.

First glimpse of Kamshet lake

First glimpse of Vadivale lake

So when the fateful morning arrived, I pulled out a duffel bag and started packing bedsheet, blanket, two pillows, cosy mat, flashlights, tonnes of snacks, naturally a wee dram of whisky for me and a gazillion red bulls for my partner.

Then in went warm clothes, shawl, socks and extra socks, an extra coat and sneakers to change from sandals.

Then added to the pile a 3 part cushion mat which can go flat (think single bed), folds into two (think comfy derriere with back rest) or all together in one (think cushy cushion).

A film maker friend decided to join us for the drive – as naturally we planned to take the Merc! He reached our place toting a small back pack, saw my massive pile and went “Um… is that all really necessary?”

Turns out every bit of stuff I packed was used!

  • Yes the organizers had thought of lots of things and did an amazing job arranging for over 200 guests.
  • Yes the organizers warned us it gets ‘nippy’ at night so bring shawls.
  • Yes they also arranged dinner and tea with hot snacks yet encouraged folks to bring snacks (and ahem liquid libations of the non-chai variety).
Before it got cold...

Before it got cold…

However it was bloody cold! Let me repeat crazy stupid cold! So we found ourselves not only attending to our comfort but others as well.

  • Yes… I’m an old hand at these outdoor festivals.
  • I know that if you like your creature comforts, you bring them and generously share!
After it got cold!

After it got cold!

And it was worth it!

The little jaunt was for the inaugural festival of Atul Kumari’s “The Company Theatre” Kameshet Workspace featuring theatre, music and dance under the open sky. More on the performances coming up next in Part 2

The Company Theatre

The Company Theatre

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  1. I was reminded of those not so long gone days of my early 20s, when going to an outdoors festival was like grabbing a cheap and thin sleeping bag, a jacket, toothbrush, and lots of beer, and stuffing all in one backpack and off I went by bus/train, etc., hoping for the best in terms of weather, and in finding some tent to crash on the other side 😀 Nowadays it’s like bag after bag after bag, all stuffed into a car, and making sure I have all the comforts I need among which tent is a top priority 🙂

    • Yeah… those grab & go days are long gone for us too! Comfort is the way to go now!

      The organisers really did a fab job of arranging lots of things! Even the gaddas (mats) which could be taken from the outdoor performance venue to a mass crash pad inside the house for a bit of respite from the cold.

      Was brilliant good fun and well worth going!

  2. Madhu says:

    My ‘pile’ would have been equally large 😀

    • Haha! Clearly we would have had LOTS of company with the comfort approach. I think many folks expected it would be nice n warm not stupid cold. Given that the idea was to stay awake all night, what more would be required?? Ah… foolish foolish folks!

  3. Expat Eye says:

    How cold is cold there, as a matter of interest? 😉 You sound like a handy woman to go anywhere with!

  4. Tim says:

    The first time I went to India I was pretty shocked at how bone chillingly cold it can get. I think for the first three weeks I was in a mild state of frozen. Sleeping bag, fleece, thermals underwear were just not going to cut it.

    • You must have come in the winter… North India? And that too camping – nope! Definitely too cool to be comfortable!

      The biggest contrast is growing up in Canada – no matter how chilly (read -40’c) the winter got, there was indoor heating!

      However at 5’c with no heat… brrr!!

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