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Rathod the roach killer

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Rathod the roach killer!

Rathod the roach killer!

I’m cool with chipkalis (geckos/lizards) and can even live with a spider or two but I absolutely detest cockroaches. I’ve been known to squeal like a little girl and leap up on chairs, beds, anything!

Which is why I’m a huge fan of pest control and get it done regularly in our home. Which generally works… except… for some strange reason when my partner rehearses his role as “Rathod the roach killer.” Magically they appear to torment me. Then when the performance is done, they scurry back to whatever dank dark hole they emerged (I don’t want to know!)

Right now, I’m looking forward to two things – his performance tonight and the disappearance of the unwelcome roach guest.

What creepy crawly creature do you hate most?

Wanna know more about the monologue? Check out a couple previews & reviews of Mumbai vs Mumbai:



  1. pollyheath says:

    Ugh, yes. Roaches can be a big problem here (like any other city I guess) and they totally freak me out! Ughhh, hope the roach killer really kills them good for you!

  2. Am with you on the roaches. I’d never encountered an (neither in the UK nor in Germany) before moving to Spain. Their only upside is that spiders no longer freak me out.

  3. Expat Eye says:

    For me, it’s earwigs. Haven’t seen any in Latvia though! Bonus!

  4. gina4star says:

    Oh no, cockroaches are awful! Hate hate hate them. I also hate… um, oh god, just thinking about this freaks me out all over again, rats. We used to live in a ground floor apartment and at one point we (unknowingly) had rats in the kitchen. I accidentally disturbed them one day, and an enormous rat ran over my BARE foot. I was such a mess after that. Ugh. Hope that Rathod does a thorough job…!

    • Yeah rats can be nasty – we get these big bandicoot rats in Mumbai that are larger than most cats and horrid creatures! If you stay away from garbage piles generally can avoid. And o foolish one if you decide to tangle with them!

      We did have a mouse in the house at one point and went through a whole drama of catching and releasing it far from our place. Not pleasant but still doesn’t make me squeal like spotting a roach! Uuuuggghhhh!!!

      No sign of Mr Roach today now that “Rathod the roach-killer” has finished his performance. Expect won’t see again for a few months til the monologue gets brushed off and rehearsed again!

  5. Rachel G says:

    Where I grew up, in Malaysia, we got cockroaches fairly frequently. I have stories of throwing my mom’s glass punch bowl across the room when I was carrying it out of storage and saw a roach inside it….ewww! But the geckos (cicaks, we called them) never bothered me.

  6. oh, roaches are bad, but for me it’s mice what send me into the air and makes me scream 🙂

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