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Cooooofffeeee! Part 1

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I’m a coffee addict! I’ve also had a wretched time for a week with BOTH of my internet services doing a “Now you see me! Now you don’t!” game, making getting anything accomplished doubly difficult! (Also explains my blog absence too!)

So, I thought, why not check out the new Starbucks that opened down the street?

Bandra Reclamation Starbucks

Bandra Reclamation Starbucks

In Asia, typically there are three things you can count on from Starbucks (or its equivalents):

  1. Reasonably reliable Wi-Fi
  2. Blissful cool from powerful air-conditioning
  3. Drinkable coffee

All desirable things… right? So out I strolled in the sunny 36’c warmth (that 96’F for my American friends).

What did I find?

  1. Who's hacking me??

    Who’s hacking me??

    Well… the internet wasn’t exactly helpful as every site gave a warning about being unsecure and masquerading as something different. I kid you not!

  2. The a/c was broken (or so we were told) and all the hardy (foolish!) fellow foreigners were sweaty puddles of discomfort. It was at least an extra 5 (or more) degrees inside than out!
  3. The coffee… well.. nearly one out of three isn’t bad!? Is it??

So I came home, wrestled with my internet, enjoyed the cool of the overhead fans and made myself a lovely cup of coffee with some fabulous single origin Toraja coffee I brought back from Indonesia. Much more civilized!

Ratings: Home 3/3. Starbucks 0.5 / 3.

Starbuck's sweatbox!

Starbuck’s sweat box!

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  1. I am also coffee addict 🙂

  2. LOL, what an unsatisfactory Starbucks experience! Talk about expectations dashed 😦

  3. pollyheath says:

    Oh, sad. I would find it very hard to function if I found that Starbucks didn’t provide its usual Starbucks-y experience!

  4. Suparna says:

    Starbucks really? I would expect that from a CCD or Barista or something but not Starbucks, for they are not even a year old.

  5. gkm2011 says:

    I drink very little coffee – but the green tea lattes – too bad my new office only has a Costa Coffee 😦

  6. Expat Eye says:

    I go for Costa Coffee – don’t have SB in Latvia. But I’m a tea girl so I’m just there for the wraps and the wifi! 🙂

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