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Canadian lass in Bollywood – Aspiring actress or dreams dashed?

A dear director friend asked if I could meet with a young Canadian woman contemplating moving to Mumbai to get into acting here. Mostly from the perspective of how I’ve adjusted, my experience with visas, etc.

East weds west - read all about it!

East weds west on the small screen – read all about it!

Now it isn’t completely unheard of.. after all… in a country of a billion plus people there is a ONE new TV serial that actually stars a blonde haired blue eyed new bride “Firangi Bahu.” I’ve been a bahu or daughter-in-law and survived to tell the tale! It isn’t a completely preposterous idea…

But breaking into ‘The Bollywood Biz” ain’t easy… and while I’m no expert, I have watched on the sidelines off and on since 1990 with friends and family (partner) who have struggled and sometimes succeeded in film, TV and stage. Along the way have picked up a few insights and stories behind the stereotypes….

Yet I still felt like such a nasty horrible person dishing out the following reality check dashing starry eyes and hopeful smiles: (more…)


Behind the billboard… Daddy Cool

A couple of years ago, my partner got a real kick out of seeing this billboard plastered around Mumbai…

Aalim Hakim Poster

Aalim Hakim Poster – look closely at the lower left pic

Why? Though he spent 30 years in the ‘biz’, I was the one getting a tiny slice of ‘fame’ (notoriety?) thanks to the small square with my photo.

Today, he’s having the last laugh as billboards for his recent TV commercial can be spotted all over the country! And the ad is running not just in India but also in South & South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. (more…)

Who keeps the house clean?

A friend sent a link to a new online publication he started called “Scroll.in – News that matters”.  I love lots about it and while the current focus is on the Indian elections, an earlier article on domestic matters caught my eye:

It’s true, Indian men hardly do any housework (more…)

“The dog ate my homework”

Wouldn’t it be convenient if I could use that excuse? The challenge with going independent is when things go wrong…. they go wrong!

And while a busted ankle isn’t a complete disaster, my immune system also took a beating with a crappy cold then yucky migraine (is there any other kind?).

So what?

Well…. I am in the midst of opening three companies and all are affected plus personal stuff! (more…)

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