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Behind the billboard… Daddy Cool

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A couple of years ago, my partner got a real kick out of seeing this billboard plastered around Mumbai…

Aalim Hakim Poster

Aalim Hakim Poster – look closely at the lower left pic

Why? Though he spent 30 years in the ‘biz’, I was the one getting a tiny slice of ‘fame’ (notoriety?) thanks to the small square with my photo.

Today, he’s having the last laugh as billboards for his recent TV commercial can be spotted all over the country! And the ad is running not just in India but also in South & South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Behind the billboard for me?

When Aalim asked to do a shoot with my snazzy new hair cut, it had to be that very night as I was flying off to Singapore the next day! We began at midnight and I don’t even remember when it finished…. and the poor make-up artist really struggled as I had a nasty sun burn from a day spent splashing about at the Breach Candy club.

That is a dog collar clenched between my teeth... if you really wanted to know!

That is a dog collar clenched between my teeth… if you really wanted to know!

Behind the billboard for my partner?

Aside from all the rehearsal time, the 30 second commercial was a physically demanding two-day shoot. While there were stunt men, most was all him, with the bruises to show for the harness shots (leaping & jumping) and a nasty knock from the door flip shot (no he didn’t to the flip!). He was definitely stiff for a couple of days after, but enjoyed doing all the whacky moves and the experience working with a top-notch team.

Just one of MANY billboards!

Just one of MANY billboards!

And here what all the fuss is for – Blue Star’s Daddy Cool advert:

What I personally love about the ad is it plays on his character – a seemingly serious exterior hides a zany interior. Enjoy!

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  1. OMG this actually so cool! I was just posting my blog for the week and saw this! Haha…you’ve technically achieved immortality!

  2. I so love the flip, lol

    Dog collar? Looks like you’re playing fetch with a stick… 😉

  3. Karolyn Cooper says:

    At last – wacky and zany. I thought all Indian TV commercials had to be smug and arrogant. This is so much better.
    And I’m very impressed by your partner – he’s great, and actually looks like he’s enjoying himself!

  4. Expat Eye says:

    Ha ha! That is so cool! And your partner has some MOOOOOVES! And also congratulations on your fame!

  5. Tim says:

    You’re an interesting girl Miss Every Day Asia!

  6. Shmruthi says:

    Oh no, the video has been blocked now! I do want to see the moves that everyone is talking about!!!
    By the way, your hair looks uber coool 😉

    • How peculiar! I posted the authorized YouTube video from the Blue Star dude… just msgd Girish to find out what’s going on….

      There are lots of others floating around but as they weren’t direct from the source hadn’t posted…

      Here is one that is still available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTNZ–trTes

      • Shmruthi says:

        Wowww, those were some serious moves 😀 Hats off to your partner.
        Yeah, sometimes youtube copyrights work a bit strangely. It’s better if he checks with them!

        • Yup!

          BTW – Thanks to your notice to me, mine to my partner & from him to the GM at Blue Star, the link I posted is back working on YouTube. Social media community at its best! 🙂

          And just got the update will be showing during IPL… a mere oh 150 million viewers or so… give or take a few million here n there?!

          That’s like 5 – 6 times the population of my country of birth!! (Canada)

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