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6th Quarter Summary

Gee… it seems like only yesterday I wrote the 5th Quarter Summary… However now that I’m ‘grounded’ in Mumbai, am back in the ‘posting grove’ with “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” after a longish hiatus. And proud for being ON TIME (as opposed to Indian stretchable time) with this update. (more…)


The pool ‘princess’ and her adoring audience

I’ve always known how to swim. My sister and I were in a pool from practically the time we were babes. And it has always been a joy to jump in and start swimming… without a care in the world! A quiet peaceful time of contemplation, random musing or even brain ‘radio silence’.

Growing up with a father who was professor at the University of Manitoba meant access to their olympic size pool. I never knew anything else so just assumed all pools were big, cool, pristinely clean, bright and full of people enjoying their laps.

To discover people splash about in small hot pools chatting was bizarre. I mean come on, pools are meant to enjoy a blissful swim…  Beaches are where you combine swimming and play but a pool? Pools are to be in the solo zone, a happy place for focused fitness! (more…)

Ottawa shooting – Loss of more than just innocence…

It was during a Diwali cards party in Mumbai a delightful young playback singer and I were discussing her upcoming North American tour. And then she said:

“Have you heard about the shootings in Ottawa?” Huh?!

“In the Parliament?” Whaaaat?!

I was stunned. And days later it is still taking time to digest…

During the tragedy of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I drove through chaos, confusion, thousands gathering around the sobering and nerve-wracking sight of the exploded taxi in Ville Parle on my way home… while hearing updates about a friend trapped in the Oberoi Hotel. She didn’t make it…

And yet I still retained a naïve belief that Canada remains by and large a peaceful nation, unlikely to attract such attention either from within or without. (more…)

Diwali ‘ding dong!’ demands

Diwali is also the time where the “Ding dong!” of the doorbell never stops as everyone who provides any kind of service comes with hand extended for money money money! (more…)

Diwali – Festival of lights… not pollution

It is that time of the year again… where ears and head hurt from non-stop noise, eyes itch from pollution, a persistent cough catches, animals cower in corners, fortunes are won and lost over cards.

Since 1995 I’ve witnessed how Diwali celebrations have evolved – 1st in Delhi and now in Mumbai for the last decade.

It is heartening to see the growing awareness around the environmental hazards, dangerous child labour practices and a movement towards ‘new ways’ to celebrate the Festival of Lights with less noise, pollution and waste. (more…)

The wedding that wasn’t then was…

While waiting at Delhi airport for our flight home after a wonderful wedding weekend, the Maharashtra state election commentary was on the TV.

I had a flashback to the Indian national elections in April 2014 and an unexpected impact on another friend’s wedding. (more…)

NOTA vote for Maharashtra

Ding dong!” Since returning from Jakarta, the doorbell kept ringing with the latest candidate soliciting votes.

All were taken aback to discover a firangi (foreigner) in their midst… and therefore obviously someone who cannot vote.

While I was off in Indonesia, Maharashtra’s chief minister stepped down triggering elections.

And there wasn’t much of a choice: (more…)

The great reveal… or not

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a wretchedly reluctant entrepreneur… yet to have the life I prefer to lead, and more specifically to unpack my bags in Mumbai, regular employment just isn’t the way to go.

So here is the great ‘reveal’…  (more…)

Kentucky Straight Bourbon: W L Weller Special Reserve, Buffalo Trace, 1792 Ridgemount Reserve, Elijah Craig

Part of a tasting notes series from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India.

Tasting Notes from 18 September 2014

This evening featured Kentucky straight bourbon… taking our usual approach we tried ‘blind’ then unveiled! Our whiskies included: WL Weller Special Reserve, Elijah Craig, Buffalo Trace and 1792 Ridgemount Reserve. (more…)

Manitoba, Muffins + More in Singapore

One of the best things about my recent trips through Singapore was meeting up with friends. And the food. How fab is it when they combine?

An old University of Manitoba friend invited me to meet him and his wife at this lovely little cafe The Muffinry on Telok Ayer. Little did I know til I reached, that this charming place is actually theirs! (more…)

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