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6th Quarter Summary

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Gee… it seems like only yesterday I wrote the 5th Quarter Summary… However now that I’m ‘grounded’ in Mumbai, am back in the ‘posting grove’ with “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” after a longish hiatus. And proud for being ON TIME (as opposed to Indian stretchable time) with this update.

Up in the air - again!

Up in the air – again!

This 6th quarter brought:

  • The close of a great project in Jakarta with lots of trips between Indonesia and India, some stops in Singapore and transits through Kuala Lumpur for good measure
  • Minimal down-time in Mumbai thanks to the Diwali festival season and social whirl!
  • Went to Delhi for a lovely Bollywood wedding (no post yet folks!)
  • Published a spin-off blog for my whisky whimsy with Whisky Ladyhowever still dithering about where I want to go with it…
Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

For Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly), this quarter’s most popular posts were from previous periods… rather predictable given limited activity until recently:

Getting the deed done!

Getting the deed done!

However for those ACTUALLY published during 6th quarter, the ‘hit list’ include:



At the moment I’m debating whether to be sensible and stick around Mumbai to make progress on stuff here or have a little adventure and ‘flit’ off to Amsterdam for a few days… you’ll know soon enough!

Thanks as always for sticking around – reading, commenting and to folks who suggest topics they’d like to know more about – all in good time my friends… all in good time….

Time to pay the price - a rather unique teacup clock!

Time to pay the price – a rather unique teacup clock!

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