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When love goes global, do governments agree?

If you go global with a life partnership with someone from a country different than the land of your birth or citizenship, things get more complicated.

And the ‘rules’ when you begin your life journey together with hope, joy and love can change over time…

  • So then, what happens if the government ‘guidelines’ change mid-play?
  • What if divorce and/or re-marriage are thrown into the mix?
  • Or even worse, what if your life partner passes on before you do…



Mumbai Marriage Marathons…

Beware un-married couples in India! If you are caught sauntering along hand in hand or ‘Gasp!’ smooching your guy or gal in public… you just might be hauled off to the nearest temple to get wed!

India’s morality police decreed that couples celebrating Valentines Day with PDA (public displays of affection) should have their romance result in marriage (and preferably producing 4 Hindu babies!)

Such shotgun shadis would certainly avoid all the fuss, fan fare and expense that are typical of Indian weddings.

Given the marathon of marriages of the last few months, that might not be a bad thing (I’m joking ok?). (more…)

Side helping of ‘marriage’ with your ‘lease’ registration?

Renewing our lease was on my ‘must do’ list before ‘rewarding’ myself with the trip to The Netherlands.

Lo and behold this remarkable feat was accomplished the day of my flight and I gotta admit, either I’ve become completely adapted to how things work here (probably) or this process might just be becoming less painful and complicated than it used to be. (more…)

6th Quarter Summary

Gee… it seems like only yesterday I wrote the 5th Quarter Summary… However now that I’m ‘grounded’ in Mumbai, am back in the ‘posting grove’ with “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” after a longish hiatus. And proud for being ON TIME (as opposed to Indian stretchable time) with this update. (more…)

The wedding that wasn’t then was…

While waiting at Delhi airport for our flight home after a wonderful wedding weekend, the Maharashtra state election commentary was on the TV.

I had a flashback to the Indian national elections in April 2014 and an unexpected impact on another friend’s wedding. (more…)

Tis the season to get “marry”ed… again

While tis the season to be merry, winter is also marriage or “shadi” season in India! The temperatures cool and ‘phorun’ (foreign) relatives descend. Peacock bright wedding finery is donned, jewellery polished and coloured envelops stuffed with cash plus one rupee for good luck.

Wedding puja (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Wedding puja (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

In a true sign of the times, the family wedding we attended on the weekend was 2nd time around for two siblings. All four experienced wedding, divorce and were taking a leap of faith to wed again. The brother and sister decided to tie the knot with their respective loves on the same day, keeping the ceremonies short, sweet and restricted to family. (more…)

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