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5th Quarter Summary

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When I started this blog more than 5 quarters ago… I had a vague notion of posting about 4 times a month, dredge up observations from current and past trips and generally amuse myself by sharing tales primarily with family and friends, simply using the blog as the ‘means’.

What I found is there is a whole fabulous blogging community out there and yet at the same time – just because someone else prepares beautiful crafted, witty, thoughtful posts on a regular basis – it is not a competition! You decide what to accomplish and it is perfectly fine to be ‘undisciplined’ because this is a choice not a chore!

That being said, I like having these little quarterly round ups as an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what the heck I’ve been up to for 3 months!

So decided that now that I’ve overcome (please let this be the case!!) the worst of computer disasters & WordPress access issues, am more or less walking and finished up my part in the most recent Jakarta project, it is high time to get re-acquainted with “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” by taking a stab at a much delayed 5th quarter summary.

This 5th quarter brought:

Pppaaast passports!

The ghosts of past passports!

As for the blog, with all my traveling and computer issues, was rather quiet:

Blog purgatory... Help!

Blog purgatory… Help!

What I also observed is that dreadful neglect of ones blog leads to an abundance of spam. I could completely relate when ‘8 minutes’ wrote of this phenomenon in “You know you have to come back when…

Now that I’m home with less aggressive demands on my time, intend to get back to sharing tales and observations from various trips and every day life in Asia. Oh… and liberal doses of blogging faffery!!!

Thanks for tuning in folks!

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  1. gkm2011 says:

    Can’t wait to follow along! I should do a quarter update myself – last one was in January I think. Though, as you said it is not a competition.

  2. Looking forward to Japan 🙂

  3. ottominuti says:

    It’s funny, I came to the same conclusions as you do exactly this summer. I had been feeling guilty for not posting as much as most other bloggers do (and as I planned to when I started) and ending up not posting at all in a sort of vicious circle that makes you write less and less…but it’s not a competition as you say and most of all, blogging has phases: there are moments when you are more eager to share your life and thoughts and others when you stay in your bubble.

    • Couldn’t agree more! And welcome back from your bubble time! 🙂 Zhongguo jumble and I were chatting about this – She’s also taken a bit of a hiatus and now is back in full force! I also find I’m not good at ‘writing on the run’… I’d rather fit in more social time with friends or just getting out there and experiencing life when traveling & working than be plugged in front of my laptop tapping away. 😉 Now that I’m home, only too happy to get back to blogging away merrily!

  4. Oooh! Japan! How lovely, I have really wanted to visit Japan for most of my life 😀
    I cannot wait to read! Hope you guys are well! Lots of love xxx

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