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Brand Battle 2 – Mac vs PC…

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After a little wander down computer memory lane with Brand Battle 1 – Mac vs PC, what should be pretty clear is that my ‘Battling the white screen of death!!’ experience was only the tip of a technological iceberg…. Titantic style!?

Learning my lesson…

Lenovo Lament

Lenovo desktop ‘surgery’… the patient did not survive!

I’m not normally such a slow learner… Alas I also have a stubborn streak.

If you can believe it, a couple of years ago my father decided it was time I needed to be coaxed back to my roots with a fab new MacBook Pro! Yipee!!! Except I was determined to retain my Outlook contacts EXACTLY as I had laboriously updated over years – replete with embedded emails and photos. Mac’s Outlook simply did not support this.

Desktop disaster!!

So I decided to invest in a desktop – a nice big monitor large enough to double as a TV when we have folks staying in our guest room (cus TVs belong in ‘other’ rooms not ‘living’ rooms!). Smart right?

Not with Windows 8 and an absurd partition among other things. I will not bore you with the gory details. Suffice to say – desktop disaster!

The friend who came along for its purchase previously hosted a Techie TV show and just yesterday apologized – yet again – for the debacle. To be honest, after the latest round of it taking one month to get the hard disk replaced (yes it is still under warranty), I would love to just get my money back and bid farewell to that wretched thing!

The ultra in ultrabooks?

Why not use that lovely MacBook Pro? Well… it was that whole Outlook thing… so my partner and I did a swap. He was gifted a lovely Samsung Ultrabook with touch screen when my limping laptop gasped its last breath – just in time before traveling for a project.

Now don’t get me wrong… it is a lovely machine and we may have had a successful partnership had…

  • Multiple viruses beat various virus protectors I paid for…
  • Some shmuck shoved his bag into the overhead compartment of a plane, warping it. Nice, eh?
  • Just at the point the Dubai warranty expired, the hard drive failed

Tab time??

After the airplane shmuck incident and virulent viruses, it was clear I needed a back-up plan. In desperation, when my laptop again needed to be resuscitated with another reformat… I rushed out to buy a Samsung tab with keyboard ‘just in case’.

You guessed it – while in Jakarta the inevitable happened. Just ‘in case’ became a reality supplemented by temporary loan of a local laptop with my laptop officially caput.

What is one of the first things I did when I came home?

Treated myself to a lovely new MacBook Air.

Oh bliss! Oh joy! Oh MacBook Air!

Oh bliss! Oh joy! Oh MacBook Air!

Yes… I have learned my lesson. Think I will finally have a happy ending for my brand battle??

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  1. I have one of those… lovely machine 🙂

    • Clearly you are referring to the lovely MacBook Air and not the dismembered desktop! 😉

        • TheLastWord says:

          Clearly I wouldn’t trust a PC if it gambolled up and licked me, if it could, which it can’t so I’m good.

          Macs vs PC? Pshaw…

          Iphones on the other hand? Hmmm, clearly the iphone 4 I have is the Window’s ME of iphones, it’s that bad.

          And don’t get me started on that hateful, wretched Outlook…

          • Gambolled up & licked you?? Well that’s saying something! 😉

            I must admit, I’m soooo looking forward to the stability and reliability of my lovely new MacBook Air however I’m not ready to do the iPhone thing yet… Sounds like that caution is wise!

            As for Outlook, it used to work fab for me – I was a ‘power user’ without a doubt! But on Office 365’s slimmed down version and what is available on Macs has never thrilled me.

            • TheLastWord says:

              It used to bug me no end that the “Inbox” wasn’t the first item in the sidebar menu and I couldn’t change it. Drove me nuts. I forget what the first 2 items were but they were things I was never going to use and I could not get rid of them. I mean if you’re a mail system why is the Inbox the 3rd item on the menu???

              I’m beginning to sound like the PeevedPunjabi, no?

            • Strange… the “Inbox” is the 1st item on my Mac Outlook.

              Maybe Microsoft for Macs finally figured out it is better not to mess with peeved Punjabis! 😉

  2. Expat Eye says:

    Feel very dull with my boring laptop – but at least it works 😉

  3. Gee, I hope so – because I know you can run Windows on a Mac book air! Hubby does it every day 🙂

    • TheLastWord says:

      I do too… On my 4 year old Macbook Pro. VirtualBox!!

    • Now why would someone go do something like run Windows8 on a Mac – Windows is the font of all evil according to me! 😉

      • TheLastWord says:

        Not Win 8 but Win 7. I do have to “work” sometimes and “they” need Win type stuff and I’m too cheap to invest in a dedicated Win machine. Can’t bear the thought of maintaining it.

        VirtualBox is free. You can set up multiple “virtual machines” running every OS you can think of. Like Linux. And I can drag and drop files across the OSs.

        • OOh… now Windows 7 at least isn’t quite so evil. Hmm… I’m going to test the limits of what I can do on a Mac 1st though. Funny thing is the current project I’m working on… I was one of the few who did NOT have a Mac! 😉

      • He has to – he’s the IT guy at his job and the only way they would buy him a Mac was if he could run windows on it too. Not sure which v of windows he’s using, though. I do know he says it runs super slow when in PC mode, but it doesn’t affect the Mac OS.

        • I think I will go a little nutso with ‘slow’… as it is I already find loading WP on Firefox or Chrome requires more patience than I was getting accustomed to on the Samsung Ultrabook.

          But I’m sooo looking forward to not having it cough, sputter and crap out on me on a regular basis!!

  4. expatlingo says:

    I’m typing this message on my lovely MacBook Pro. I love it!

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