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Blame technology, not me!

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If you’ve wondered about the week-long “radio silence,” a busy social life and “The project” work are not the real reasons… Nope, if you want to blame anything? Blame technology!

I’ve had one of the wretched weeks where one thing is compounded by another until you can only throw you hands up in the air and cry “Mercy!”

Desktop disk disaster

Happier times in Feb 2013 when welcomed new desktop

Happier times in Feb 2013 with my new desktop learning to wrestle with Windows 8 (which I still hate!)

It started off innocuously enough… Mosying along minding my business until the “insufficient disk space.” How had I managed to gobble all the space on the system drive? Four hours and 6 phone calls later was told to do several steps which proved the next day to be merely a temporary work-around. There really is a disk error and next is to take the machine in for hardware not software trouble shooting.

However I have learned: Place of purchase will pass one on to IBM who will pass on to one Lenovo number to pass on to another Lenovo number to pass on to Microsoft to pass on to the place you purchased with an extended warranty. Full circle!

Now I know you techie savvy folks want details and would love your help but wait… There’s more!

Limping laptop

Then my laptop decided to get so sluggish with Outlook taking hours to send and receive even small 45 kb emails until eventually it crashed completely… In this case it could be revived so managed to get back on track.

So one working machine should be enough, right? Oh but there’s more!

Internet issues – oh my!

  1. Primary internet: With “The Project” large files and Dropbox synching, I’d greedily zip through our monthly allotment for “high-speed” (aka 2 – 4 Mbps) internet in 2 days. What would remain would most times be ‘no’ internet rather than ‘slow’ internet. Terribly unfair of me to deprive my partner of his online scrabble games, right?
  2. Back-up internet: We have an internet data card (‘cus internet is never reliable here in India!). However it is pre-paid and – no surprise – I emptied its GB in record speed so clearly…another solution was required.
  3. Temporary fix: In desperation, I experimented with using internet at cafes, however not adequate to the need.
  4. New internet: Kind soul that I am, decided to get another connection. Smart and sensible! Asked around for a good option and pre-paid for a service that supposedly has 12 MB per second for 175 GB. I am realistic enough to know their vaunted speed is an impossible dream but heck, if they can even deliver 50%, would rock!

How has it been so far? My new internet connection keeps flirting with me… “Now I’m here! Now I’m gone! Now I’m gonna be soooooooo slow that you can’t actually do anything! Muaaahh haa haa!”

Have you ever seen WordPress Reader with just the titles and no images? Try “Add New Post” under such conditions – forget it!

Now you know why there is "Radio Silence"

Now you know why there was “Radio Silence”

Of course I’m not going to quietly accept such a state of affairs from my brand new internet service! Nope – I keep calling to complain. And each time a new problem is divulged.

“Regret to inform you our services are temporarily unavailable due to fibre-cut.”

Or another “Madame there was a problem in the buildings in your area only. It is being repaired. You should have internet working in 6 hours.”

There is apparently some sort of mythical compensation policy they have to extend my 175 GB allotment given circumstances but…

“My superior has the details and will give you a call.”

Hmm…. However I have a blackberry after all, right?

Dead Drunk Blackberry

Well… we had a bit of a gathering on Wednesday in honour of my partner’s birthday. My Blackberry decided it needed to get drunk with everyone else… took a dive into someone’s drink and passed out… not to be revived since!

Nov 2012 - Nov 2013, may you RIP

Nov 2012 – Nov 2013, may you RIP

So… if you’ve commented, emailed, texted with no response? I’m not usually so rude. Could you kindly blame technology not me, pretty please?! Now I know some are tempted to say:

“Hey Carissa, the only common denominator is you, so there must be something you are doing wrong!”

Perhaps, but for that, only the technology gods knows! I’m a mere mortal at their mercy.

Have you ever been frustrated by multiple technological trouble?

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  1. pollyheath says:

    Oh no! Poor drunk Blackberry… At least he went out with a bit of fun! Hopefully you get everything resolved ASAP!

    • Not even a year old! But he certainly travelled the world and went with panache. An odd plopping crash at the crescendo of a rather spirited jam session happening with rather talented musicians. Looked over and went – wooops! That’s MY blackberry that just took a dunk. Gaaakh!

  2. What a catalogue of horrors! Tech problems are my nemesis. I’d gladly make a pact with the devil if it meant never having any of those ever again. BEFORE the devil gets me, NOT after 😉
    I have a horribly slow internet connection here. Often it goes, and is then magically restored (to the usual snail’s pace) by me making a phone call from the landline. I don’t understand it, but it’s definitely not a coincidence.

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