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Music Musings – INDIVA

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What do you get when you put together four amazing women – each unique, strong, vibrant performers – individually “divas” in their own right? INDIVA!

Described as four divas on a musical journey that blends Hindustani, Jazz, Classical and World Music, their harmonies and way of re-inventing familiar tunes and creating new that is uniquely theirs. We had the distinct pleasure of seeing them perform an amazing acoustic set this morning at Prithvi Theatre in Juhu, Mumbai and I’m so delighted to see such talent come together.

Indva's unplugged

Indva’s unplugged

The divas have identified themselves with four elements:

  • Merlyn D’Souza (Fire) – composer, pianist, harmonium, melodica… list goes on!
  • Vivienne Pocha (Earth) – powerful jazz and blues vocalist, guitar and…
  • Hamsika Iyer (Air) – renowned classical Carnatic singer
  • Shruti Bhave (Water) – vocalist and violinist of both Hindustani and Carnatic styles

Their 1st album Fire Air Earth Water was released a few months ago and is multi-lingual with English, Kannada, Konkani, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Swahili. And while their songs are infectious, many carry a message such as “Suno” about violence against women and the rise of outrage and attention after the Nirbhaya rape case.

See the video “Suno” (listen)

For more music and info, check out the links:

Knowing the formidable talent of these ladies and the Nasr sisters (Ask Your Sister), I was so thrilled to have Sahara meet Merlin and join us to see INDIVA perform today. They both know I harbour a desire to see a collaboration at some point… One can always hope for musical magic! 🙂

PS – Here is a longer (23 min) video giving a flavour of how they are live from the Celebrating Womanhood – BOLDtalks Woman 2013

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  1. pollyheath says:

    Great recommendation, as always!

    • Thanks!

      Vivienne is an old friend of my partner – they were joking about how he gave her 1st break in Mumbai when she just arrived from Mangalore and how they were tormented by the director – bringing them to tears! (this was 30 years ago – now they find it hysterical and absurd).

      There are plans afoot for INDIVA to go on tour to North America and Europe next year… Russia tho…??? Would need a brilliant local booking agent! Know anyone…??????????

  2. brothervern says:

    Reblogged this on brothervern and commented:
    Music is amazing, wherever it comes from

  3. Margo says:

    Powerful. Thx for posting.

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