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Demolition gang!

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Once upon a time there was a lovely little sanctuary. A cosy home much beloved by its inhabitants. Favourite of all was a delightful den where they would rest their weary heads each and every night.

Then along came the dastardly demolition gang who, with raw might, destroyed their happy little nest. No corner was immune to the unrelenting pounding and bashing!

Welcome to our new reality…What was only yesterday our bedroom.

20150407_124716 20150407_120303

We knew this day was coming…

We just didn’t know when or what exactly it meant…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate the reason for the work. I would rather survive weeks of this torment than have the building collapse around my ears!

I get that the areas reduced to rubble were potential disasters waiting to happen.

However that doesn’t mean I have to like weeks of unmitigated noise and mess.

And just when I was under some paradoxical illusion we could continue to survive, nay thrive, without a maid?!

One inch of dust in half a day. That’s with the bedroom door kept shut. Oh my foolishness!

Clearly we need help.

What was once our wall...

What was once our wall…

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  1. What on earth are they doing there. Is the moisture in the walls or are some supporting beams not in a good shape anymore? Never saw such weird ‘holes’ in walls before though I have been part in too many renovations and restorations of houses before

    • The start of structural repairs. Some of the walls are literally disintegrating… We are on the 2nd floor of an 8 story building. Construction methods in India apparently differ quite a bit from other parts and are largely based on metal rods in concrete. However if the concrete starts to give… Let’s just say there is a method to the madness. Just doesn’t make it easier for us! (lucky I’m in Delhi today).

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