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My home, my peaceful sanctuary… invaded!

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Being away from home isn’t easy… however sometimes being at home isn’t either.

Though we rent, we’ve put effort into making our apartment a home – a peaceful sanctuary…

A couple of months ago that changed.

We were invaded! Sonically invaded in the worst way!

Drowning in construction material

Drowning in construction material

Two flats above decided to gut their apartment and completely remodel. As in 4-5 months of constant pounding, drills whining with the only respite the building “Quiet policy” between 2 – 4 pm.

When we moved in, we thought it a bit silly to have such a rigid rule of “no music / noise” between 2-4pm for the elderly to nap and youth to study. And no music / noise post 10 pm.

As I work from home, that ‘fuddy duddy’ quiet time became my one chance at sanity daily!

Then it all that changed… again…

The building behind us is being completely demolished bit by bit, bang by bang, pound by pound… and they aren’t restricted by our building’s policy.

And then it all changed.. again…

The flat in the building across from us is similarly being gutted and remodelled, but with no building “Quiet policy” on noise. The constant inflow of dust and dirt too is also a battle.

And then it all changed… yet again…

The building on the other side is also getting work done!

And then the entire building behind is being rebuilt. Arrgghhhh!!!

I guess if the "renovations" won't stop, we could have a "renowation"

Who needs to “renovate” when a “renowation” works too!

Now I’m all for the idea of repairing, fixing and making things better.

But try living with a constant cacophony in your sanctuary. And we know that the multiple noisy invaders will not be done any time soon!

A sage piece of advice given by a fellow Canadian in Bangalore to any newcomer – when looking for a place, find one with the maximum construction around it.

Why? Because at some point it will be over!

Risk a nice quiet place and it won’t be long until there will be a pile of rubble and the work begins.

We found a lovely little place on a peaceful street… we thought!

And now we don’t see this changing for many months! Nay years for the building re-construction.

So while it is tough being away from home, I’m revelling in the bliss of a quiet noise-free Sunday in Jakarta.

Um… er… maybe it is a bit too quiet. Time to blast my music and liven things up a bit!

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  1. brothervern says:

    Sad, that progress is rarely quiet. Hope you can find a solution.

    • Haha! Fat chance of that for the next year or so. The one above is 4 months in so should be done in another month or two. But the one directly across from us has another 4-5 months. And the buildings being redone will be a year or so! Our lease is up in November… but really it is indemnic so… it really is a choice between “noisy renovation” and “another noisy renovation.” 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    I have noticed most Asian cities are in a perpetual state of renowation. This would drive me crazy to. Tim

    • Stark raving hoppin’ mad at times 😉 And you are right – I have oodles of company… a gal pal here in Jakarta shared how it got so bad where she was living she literally screamed her lungs out in frustration. She ended up completely horse but obviously the noise didn’t stop!

  3. Karolyn Cooper says:

    You have my sympathy. One of the best things about leaving Bangalore was getting away from construction noise. They start so early, even on Sundays, hammering, bashing, shouting, spraying dust everywhere.

  4. Noise… the bane of our lives, it truly is, ahrgh 😦

    • It is indeed! The average decibel level of life in Asia is far more than anything I ever experienced growing up in Canada. Religious festivals and celebrations each compete with each other – apparently the noisier the better! Thankfully the minor festivals have a 10pm cut-off however the biggies have no such restriction – arrrgghhhh!!!

  5. Expat Eye says:

    I got woken up this morning by Latvians having a (very loud) conversation up and down the stone staircase outside. It sounded as if they were in the bed with me their conversation was so clear. Put me in a foul mood – until I read about your woes! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Sharon Lim says:

    When it is quiet in Mumbai, I get suspicious….hell, when it gets quiet anywhere in India, I am a little perturbed. But construction noise can really get under your skin – am glad you are getting respite in Jakarta, ironically.

  7. Rather makes my complaints about hubby’s constant music a bit ‘first world problem’ in comparison! I can’t do ear plugs and headphones make me sweaty – I’d be in a nightmare with all that racket!

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