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Urban Village – I’m not kidding!

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There is a delightful contradiction seeing “village” life in the middle of a major metropolis. One of the sister’s from ASK Your Sister was transiting from China to Goa via Mumbai and did a double take:

That guy is walking a goat – it really is a goat not a dog!! Do ya think if I moved back to Nova Scotia I could get a pet goat??

I couldn’t help being amused – she was serious in wanting a pet goat – prompted by the jaunty step of goat and owner as they happily trotted together down the street. Goats have unmistakable personalities and enjoy interacting with people so on a farm, are a delightful addition (and can be equally troublesome for the very qualities that make them interesting too!).

For my part, it barely registers that some may seeing walking their dog er goat might be a bit odd… as it is simply such an ordinary every day occurrence here!



Would ya quit chomping so loud? I can’t hear myself think!


B-b-b-but I can’t help myself – I have a FULL crate!

Stop hogging! You can't even dance and you get fed 1st!?

That’s not fair! Stop hogging & share!

The last guy is a buddy of mine – always hops up to say hello and head butts to get petted. A friendly sort and thoroughly ‘domesticated’ yet still full of spunk and merriment.

Alas what these hapless kids didn’t know is… they are just being fatted for slaughter. Poor deluded tykes!

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  1. pollyheath says:

    I love goats! They’re pretty bad, but so friendly! Have never seen a goat being walked in Moscow. Yet…

  2. bakeaffairs says:

    Thats so lovely and funny!!

  3. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Great goat photos. London seems surprisingly goat-free after Bangalore.

  4. brothervern says:

    I’ve only seen one goat up close, in my life. Loved the photos.

    • Seriously?? You have been deprived! While we grew up in a ‘city’ had access to friends and family’s farms with a menagerie…. goats had the most personality by far. Can also get into all sorts of mischief – especially as some are surprisingly clever!

  5. Expat Eye says:

    That last little guy is so cute! No goat-walkers in Riga either 😦 Although I did see a guy walking around with a ferret (a live one) wrapped around his neck… .

  6. gkm2011 says:

    I am not a pet fan, but perhaps a goat….?

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