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Blowing bubbles over bikes in Bandra

Up next in our random posts about Bandra street art is this hallucinogenic pink wonder blowing bubbles over a couple of scooters.

This one is literally steps away from our flat smack dab in the middle of an old village that once upon a time sat on the edge of the water before Bandra Reclamation sprung up to weave together Bombay’s islands and support its greedily growing population. (more…)


Urban Village: More the merrier!

Sometimes company is better… why snooze alone when you can snuggle with your feline family?

Company is better

Momma cat with her three kittens

Just another day in Bandra’s urban village…

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Urban Village: Invasion of the car cat nappers!

Last couple of Sundays on my walk to and from the gym, I’ve enjoyed seeing the latest developments in the neighbourhood feline world.

Most can been seen enjoying their Sunday afternoon slumber…

Sunday slumber time...

Sunday slumber time…

However a few decided to conquers cars!

I first noted the car capers with these three hanging out by a silver gari.

Cat Car Trio

Cat Car Trio

Then I spotted this one – you can only see 5 in this picture however there were another two under the car and another was strolling up to join!

Cat car nappers

Cat car nappers

It was like a cat car conclave! I think I missed the memo. 🙂

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Urban Village – I stand on guard for thee!

It has been a VERY long time since I strolled through the urban village outside our door.

Partly this was because for months I was traveling and hardly home in Mumbai. However it was largely as I simply wasn’t up to the obstacle course with my busted then fragile recovering ankle

However I finally overcame the nervousness of potentially re-wrecking my ankle on the uneven winding paths and took a wander along the familiar twists and turns…

The parrots are inside and post Eid also means the goats are gone. The kitten has become a grandmother with her latest offspring’s offspring doing their own interpretation of a peak-a-boo while a snoozing potted cat was easily spotted. (more…)

Urban Village – I’m not kidding!

There is a delightful contradiction seeing “village” life in the middle of a major metropolis. One of the sister’s from ASK Your Sister was transiting from China to Goa via Mumbai and did a double take:

That guy is walking a goat – it really is a goat not a dog!! Do ya think if I moved back to Nova Scotia I could get a pet goat?? (more…)

Urban Village – Peak-a-boo!

Here’s another urban village wandering with my favourite subject – the neighbourhood cats.

Peak-a-boo! You can’t see me!


Just look up silly! I so can TOTALLY see you!


These guys just have that awww adorable quality.

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