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Music is something I enjoy immensely! I’ve been incredibly fortunate to see some amazing performances, jam sessions, festivals and more. Some dear friends also happen to be remarkably talented musicians and it’s no surprise that music is an integral part of our every day existence.

Credit clearly goes to our mother who inculcated a love of music from an early age – even if my sister and I groaned a bit as we practiced cello / tuba and viola / piano respectively. And if I gleefully abandoned western classical music for punk rock and folk as a teenager, the sheer unadulterated joy that comes from loosing oneself in truly good music – no matter the genre – was firmly entrenched.

Introducing "Ask Your Sister"

Introducing “Ask Your Sister” (Photo: Bruce Dienes)

So when two dear friends (and sisters) together with their remarkable third sister decided to temporarily halt their global nomadic existence long enough to come together to form their family dream-band, I went – YEEAAAHHH!!!

Sahara performig at the local sports bar in Arambol, Goa

Sahara performing at the local sports bar in Arambol, Goa

I last caught up with Sahara (band pic – far right, above pic – centre with the sarangi) earlier this year in Goa when my partner and I were helping a friend’s music festival there. Incredibly talented and a versatile musician, I’ve seen her effortlessly shift between musical genres from East to West with just about everything in between. I’m hoping she’ll have more time on her trip back to India and stay with us for a few days to just chill out – its overdue! We’ve spent some good times over the years between Canada and India and I’m looking forward to more.

Kamila and I from a few years ago in a wintry Beijing

Kamila and I from a few years ago in a wintry Beijing

As for Kamila (band + above pic – on the left) it has been a bit longer. Beijing with her is a place full of global music, fascinating historic corners and OMG good food! It is just NOT the same without her! Particularly memorable was a lazy weekend we spent wandering around with no specific plan just chatting as she generously shared insights into ‘her’ Beijing. That weekend deserves its own post. 🙂 Singer, composer, guitar, flute, keyboard fluent in Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, French… some Farsi, Pashto… you know… the usual!? As for when I last saw Kamila perform? It was in a smoky hutong bar in Beijing that I’d dragged my parent’s next door neighbour to see!

I’m looking forward to meeting Ariana and her husband Andy – been hearing so much about them both and can’t wait to meet them when next we are all in the same continent, country & city!

Here is their début song “Take a Little Step”

Click the links for more info on this fabulous musical family and their desire to financially swing coming together for a few months to write and record music before (I hope!) going on a (global!) tour. Clearly a family affair and a labour of love. I can’t wait to hear more!

I wish “Ask your sister” nothing but the best with their new venture and look forward to them coming to a venue near you!

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  1. Dasappa K Kutty says:

    Its great to see a family come together this way…and when there is music its even better…music as they say..binds….wishing them all the very best on their journey…

  2. Expat Eye says:

    Super-catchy song! Great voices.

    • Each one of them is so insanely talented and completely global. One brother is in Kabul making films, Kamila is back in Beijing, Sahara planning her next trip to India, Ariana & her husband are busy musicians in Canada yet should join Kamila and Sahara in Asia soon! Lovely folks making lovely music as a family – how cool is that?

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